Apex Legends What is Apex Legends and how to play it? – Comprehensive beginner’s guide Starting this, it’s recommended to master essential mechanics if you want to get…

Going into this, it is recommended to master essential mechanics if you want to achieve champion rank in Apex Legends. Either way, actually the learning process could be extensive. In fact, the title is one of the most complex in the genre and has its own Battle Royale battle pass, but with the right guide you will be able to understand its mechanics much better.

How to play in Apex Legends if I am a beginner?

Next, we will discuss some of the essential tips if you want to last longer while playing with your friends.

Mark a good location

One of the best tips you can receive if you are just starting out with this game is to refer to the Apex Legends beginners guide. In this way, it is possible that as a rookie you feel called towards encounters with enemies, however, if you do not yet have the experience it is best to take things easy.

what is apex legends and how to play it

Being away from the battles will allow find good items and arm yourself in a much better way. In turn, this tactical way of playing will allow you to get further into the game.

Be very agile when landing on the spot

Another tip that could be very useful is to improve the way you fall. The idea is that you can pick up the weapons, kits and other items before your enemies. If you’re not agile when you hit the ground, then you could die as soon as the game starts.

Actually, the mechanics to fall in Apex Legends are not complicated and you will be able to master them after a little practice. Although we previously indicated that as a player you should look for more remote areasthe truth is that it would not hurt to practice in crowded places while you improve.

Landing in places where many people go is a good way to practice your falls. As we indicated, the objective is to take as much as you can as fast as possible. In the above way, you will gain an undeniable advantage as soon as you land.

Assembling a team is the best option to play Apex Legends

Many who download the game from Steam and start in this popular Battle Royale do not prosper as they do not understand the mechanics of the game. Believe it or not, the title has a lot of tactical value, where the strategy is very relevant. Given this, it is highly recommended to have a prepared team.

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The above does not mean that it must be a Pro Player, we only mean that it is necessary state the position of each person in the group. The most advisable thing would be to have someone for support, another for support and finally the one in charge of offensive actions. In fact, you can also rotate with your companions, in order to level up your Battle Royale battle pass.

It is true that the above is not the only team tactic that you can handle in the game, but it is a good base to start with. Developing the previous points further, we recommend that you have a character capable of healing, another that can withstand a lot of damage, and lastly, the one that can attack more effectively. The idea is that everyone plays a role in the team.

Communicating with other classmates helps in coordination

Related to the previous point is also communication. Not everything is establishing a team and a strategy, it is very important to be able to communicate properly. Correctly conveying your comments can be the difference between winning or losing.

The idea is to know how to express what is happening to your teammates in a concise and effective way, for example when asking for health in Apex Legends. It may seem very simple, but knowing how to communicate has its joke and is something that is practiced directly as a team. In turn, for adequate communication, it is necessary understand all the dynamics of the game.

For example, if you want to comment on the location of an enemy, it is best to use the ‘compass’ provided by the game. Similarly, look for those terms suitable to express, for example, the name of a weapon or a consumable.

In the same way, although it is best to communicate verbally, in the case of not having a microphone, the video game has its own mechanical for communicate what you need.

how to play apex legends and how to play it

How should Apex Legends inventory be managed?

There is no right or wrong way to organize the items you can get throughout the game. In fact, this depends on how you play and with experience you will determine what to take and what not to keep in your inventory.

In any case, as a rookie you should know a few principles, for example, never forget the first aid kits. Indeed, one of the most important objects and that you can not leave, are the consumables to increase your health. In turn, the same principle is fulfilled with the shields.

On the other hand, it is important that throughout the games you select the best armor, helmets, weapons and other elements. Given this, it is also important that you know what the tools in the game are called according to their quality, in order to know which one is the best. If you have doubts, we show you the existing classes in Apex Legends:

  • Gray: they are the most basic.
  • Blue: they represent the second level, somewhat better than the previous ones.
  • Purple: more prominent than those mentioned, only surpassed by the following.
  • Gold: They are the highest class of items and weapons.

apex legends its mechanics and how to play it

How to improve in Apex Legends battles?

Each person has their own style to play, but the truth is that you have to master the basics. One time assimilate the mechanics of the game, you can face your opponents directly. Now how can you be better in the title?

The previous question does not have a single answer, but in general we can indicate that, if you want to be more skillful in confrontations, you must practice and the best is face other people. Either way, there are a few things we recommend considering in regards to this in order to not only upgrade but also complete the Battle Royale Battle Pass.

First of all, it is best that do not rush to any area where many people fall. The truth is that most of the time the most outstanding players fall into these places. For this reason, you may find yourself cornered and not be able to do much.

Now, the aspects that you must master are basic, the first thing is the aim, something essential to quickly finish off enemies. Likewise, adapt to the game’s controls and the abilities of the champions you choose.