Apple could become your new reference bank

Apple could become your new reference bank

The future of Apple could go through offering financial services as well. This is how it is advanced by information that comes to us from the hand of Bloombergwhere Mark Gurman gives us details about this secret company project called Breakout.

In 2019, those from Cupertino announced the Apple Card that, despite not having had the impact they perhaps expected and not being available in most markets, allows you to make purchases. This was linked to the Wallet payment app.

The information of Bloomberg details how this banking infrastructure would be in which Apple would be working to depend less on other entities. The company, for example, would be able to process payments internally.

In this sense, it is worth mentioning the Apple Pay Later service. With it, users could pay for a purchase in installments (four payments per month option rumored) using Apple Pay. Apple would decide if it can give us that loan or not after analyzing the risk.

Apple’s new financial infrastructure, which would bring it closer than ever to fintechcould also include the Tap to Pay service, already confirmed and that will allow wireless payments between iPhones.

It could even be related to the subscription service of hardwarewhich could be managed by Apple without any external bank.