Apple discontinues the iMac Pro

Apple has confirmed that the iMac Pro will disappear from its catalog as soon as they run out of stock.

Those who want a powerful all-in-one computer in the future will have to refer to the 27-inch iMac model that was released in August. If customized with powerful components, it can have similar specs to the iMac Pro.

Unfortunately, the 27-inch iMac isn’t available in space gray, but we all have to make sacrifices from time to time.

On March 6, we already saw a note appear on the iMac Pro in the Apple Store, stating that it would be available while supplies last, and also that the options for more memory or storage had disappeared.

Both elements indicated that either the iMac Pro was going away or that it was going to be updated, and now we know which is the former.

Original article published in MacWorld Sweden.