Apple shares reach the highest value in its 45-year history

If we look back to last spring, Apple’s share of the stock market has increased by 150%, despite the difficulties associated with the pandemic that all companies have had to face in 2020 and what we have of 2021.

During the listing on January 25, the securities on the US stock market nasdaq reflected price figures at historic highs of $143.16, the highest price achieved to date by the company in its more than 45-year history.

This means that Apple’s market capitalization amounts to a staggering $2.34 trillion, after surpassing $2 trillion last August, a figure that was estimated not to exceed until 2024.

Apple Stock Market Price

According to this, when will the Cupertino company hit the ceiling? Against its rivals, Microsoft is valued at $1.7 trillion, closely followed by Amazon at $1.65 trillion and Google at $1.28 trillion. Facebook does not exceed one billion with its 782,000 million dollars.

In just over two years, Apple has managed to double its value. If you are considering the possibility of buying Apple AAPL shares, in the article how and when to buy apple aapl stock We tell you all the aspects to assess before investing.

It is an article published by Mikael Markander in Macworld Sweden.