Apple would launch a thinner and lighter iPad in the spring of 2021

Apple introduced the 8th generation of the iPad in September 2020, but if the latest report is true, next spring we could see the arrival of the 9th generation model.

According to CNBeta, the new iPad will also offer Touch ID technology from the current model and will use the A13 chip. The report suggests that it will be priced at $299 (about €249 / MXN$6,015), while the current model costs $329 (€379 / MXN$8,999).

It also suggests that it could offer 64GB of base storage space, and not 32GB as it currently does. What’s more, Apple could release a new thinner and lighter iPad that would have a 10.5” screen (and not 10.2” like now).

the publication MacRumors He speculates that the 10.5-inch screen and slimmer design could be achieved using the chassis and front panel of the third-generation iPad Air.

Apple does not usually release new models in such a short period of time, so it must be made clear that this report should be taken with a grain of salt. For more information on products coming in 2021, check out our Apple predictions.

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