Apple’s spring event would finally be in April, according to Prosser

The famous leaker and YouTube presenter Jon Prosser has had to withdraw from his initial prediction that there would be an Apple Event on March 23. At the beginning of the month, he said that he was sure about it, but now he says that the event will be in April.

Just yesterday, Prosser published a fake invitation to the alleged event on March 23, in which you can see the slogan “See you hair” (“See you later, hair”) and various hair removal devices. This was in reference to Prosser’s promise to film himself plucking his eyebrows if it didn’t finally happen on the 23rd.

apple spring event

Now he says he will keep his promise.

It is curious that, being a famous Apple leaker, Jon Prosser has not been right this time on the date of the next Apple Event. He seems to have good sources and claims that he does not publish predictions until he has been able to corroborate them.

In addition, important exclusives are recognized, such as when he was right that the launch of the iPhone SE (2020) would be held on April 15 of last year, revealing this date two weeks earlier.

It is true that other failures are also known. It’s quite remarkable when iOS was thought to be renamed iPhoneOS, which now looks like a malicious leak. The new error will become part of this list of failures.

In any case, it seems that the next Apple event will now be held in April. What will Apple announce at the spring event? It is expected that news such as AirTags, new iPad Pros, Apple TV and AirPods will be announced.