Booking What is Booking and how does it work? – Registration and use is a platform that allows you to make reservations for accommodation… is a platform that allows you to make accommodation reservations of all kinds. The website is more than 20 years old and today it is very useful for owners of hotels and other properties, since it allows them to manage reservations. In this guide you will discover how it works and the steps to follow to register and use the tool.

What services does Booking offer?

The benefits provided by this company include the sale of flights and travel packages, as well as the reservation in a hotel immediately. In addition, it connects customers with airport taxis, locates tourist attractions and can take care of finding cheaper flights.

One of the company’s biggest advantages is that it makes it easy to find travel agencies and hotels in advance. In this way, customers can know the price stipulated or the travel fee with slack time. Booking provides a wide variety of accommodation distributed anywhere on the planet.

The company’s website is available for PCs and mobile devices such as cell phones and tablets. The tool allows make inquiries and reservations. You can also apply changes or cancel operations. Clients do not have to pay management fees and the lowest prices are guaranteed. Also, it is possible to make claims when necessary.

what is booking and how does it work

Booking’s customer service team offers 24/7 support. In this regard, guests receive assistance through calls and the use of a messaging system In different languages. There is also the ‘Partner Help Center’ which includes common questions, guides and detailed manuals.

Booking provides the opportunity for those with properties can become affiliates or hosts. In return, a commission must be paid for the stays that are confirmed through the platform or the App. This amount is charged each month and is included in an invoice that indicates other particular details.

Rental of stays in apartments

The company offers the opportunity to manage the leasing of spaces in homes for clients who are planning their vacations or for work reasons. In this regard, the site displays information about the property, its exact location, photos of the place and payment policies. Similarly, the value and additional services are presented.

The extra activities contemplate the cleaning that is added apart from the amount to pay. Reason for which, the final cost is modified according to several specific aspects that are shown in the conditions. In any case, if you do not agree or find a better offer, cancel the rental and notify the change.

know what booking is and how it works

Reservation of hotel rooms

This process can be instantly confirm once the reservation is made from the website. It is necessary to verify the number of people who will stay in the hotel. Afterwards, the company will send an email with the purpose of confirming the operation.

For make a reservation you must access to the official Booking site and fill in fields referring to the city, the country and the exact location. Also, you can indicate the name of the site where you want to stay. Specify the day of entry and exit and the number of adults and minors, as well as the number of rooms required.

Procedure to register in Booking correctly

It is essential to obtain an account before look for a lodging and the area where you want to stay. You can use your Facebook username, your Google email or access directly through Apple ID. This is the fastest and easiest path for users.

If you don’t have any of the above items, click ‘Create your account’ and enter your email address. Click on ‘Continue with e-mail’ and enter your first name, last name and phone number. Enter a password and retype it to ratify it. Finally, press the ‘Create an account’ button in order to complete the process.

It is also possible register an accommodation online in Booking. To achieve this, enter your personal data and your email. Check the ‘promotional code’ option if you have one and press the ‘Get Started’ button. Therefore, you will be part of the group of hosts of the platform.

what is booking and how does it work

In such a case, the property owner defines the accommodation standards for prospective clients. In addition, owners can control the reservation requirements. It is important to keep certain data updated, such as the address of the place and the contact number through which communication will be established.

What is causing Booking not to let me make reservations and how to fix it?

On some occasions, the website does not allow reservations to be made and confirmed. Then, it is possible that there is a problem regarding the location of the accommodation. Therefore, it is necessary to check this data and make sure you see routes on Google Maps. The company guarantees accessibility knowing if the site is real and the area where it is located.

Furthermore, it is important that check your status on the platform in case you have little time to have registered in the system. If the above options do not resolve the problem, you will need to write a message from the ‘inbox’ section of