Facebook How to post a link in my Facebook story? – Swipe Up Applications or platforms like Facebook make it very easy for us. Is…

Facebook How to post a link in my Facebook story? – Swipe Up Applications or platforms like Facebook make it very easy for us. Is…

Applications or platforms like Facebook make it very easy for us. This is one of the most popular social networks worldwide with over 3 billion users. Its success is due to the number of functions it offers to interact with each other. On this platform you can share photos, videos.

One of its latest innovations are the stories, which allows you to know who sees you on Facebook. Furthermore, these consist of temporary posts that appear at the beginning of the application. They may be photos, videos or links from other platforms. Today we will tell you how to share the latter in your Facebook stories.

What steps do I need to follow to share a YouTube link on my Facebook story?

As we have already said, stories are temporary publications, since They disappear after 24 hours of being published. If you want to share a video you’ve uploaded to YouTube, to promote your channel or maybe the latest from your favorite artist. We will tell you how to do it.

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First you must access YouTube and locate the video what you want to add. In the ellipses at the bottom right you will find the share option, select Facebook, ‘Your Story’ and click publish. The video will be uploaded, in this section, unless you get an error uploading Facebook stories, which you need to fix.

If I want to publish it on Facebook from my mobile

The Facebook mobile app is available for all mobile devices, if you want to publish from an Android or iPhone you can do it. You must take into account that if you use the YouTube application installed on your mobile, you can only share the link in the news section.

That’s right, you should go to the browser of your device and access YouTube in desktop mode. Once this is done, locate the video you want to post, press the ellipses at the bottom right and choose share. There locate the Facebook icon and you can choose to place it in your story or in the news section. The link will be visible to your contacts for 24 hours.

Procedure to post a Facebook story from PC

If you are connected to this social network with PC, you can publish your stories without any problem. You just have to decide what content you want, maybe a recent photo or video or a memory from your PC gallery.

Once you have thought about what you want to upload, locate the stories section at the top left and then click on the blue cross that tells you ‘Create story’. Two options will be displayed, create story with photo or create story with text. If you choose to create a story with a photo, a window will open where you can choose the image from your gallery that you want to share and it will give you a preview of your publication.

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You have the possibility add text or emojis to the image before uploading it. Edit and you are ready to share it. Now, if you want to leave a text message, choose the text story option and then write what you want and public.

How can I add a link to my Facebook story?

You found a web page with information of interest, an online store with offers or you want to share a direct link to a blog. As well, you can do it in your facebook story for your contacts to view when entering the network.

Open the browser and in the address bar paste the following ‘https://m.facebook.com/sharer.php?u=link’ and add the full URL of the link, and press ‘Enter’. This action will display the Facebook window in which share option appears in the news feed or in your story.

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How can you share only one link in Facebook story?

To add a link to your story, you must locate the page you want to share with your contacts and copy the URL. Access your Facebook profile and locate the ‘Create story’ section and click on the blue cross. As soon as the options are displayed; create story with photo and create story with text, choose the second one, paste the link or hyperlink and share.

You may add links to facebook stories, to send content to your friends, promote your online business and more. The visibility of these, although it is temporary, has the advantage that by being at the beginning of the Facebook profile, more people will see it.