Financial results: Apple made an inordinate amount of money

Apple has already presented quarterly results for the very important Christmas campaign and, in case anyone had any doubts about its ability to sell, the numbers say it all.

In the quarter ending December 31, 2020 (Apple’s first quarter of fiscal 2021), Apple had revenue of $111.4 billion and grew an incredible 21% from a year earlier. This is overwhelming and the first time the company has passed $100 billion in sales.

Every category has grown from the previous year, with the iPhone, wearables and services presenting high records. These are the incredible results in numbers and their annual growth:

iPhones: $66 billion (17%) Mac: $8.7 billion (21%) iPad: $8.4 billion (41%) Wearables: $13 billion (29%) Services: $15.8 billion (17%)

We’ve reached the point where Apple has no more room to grow. These numbers are incredible, and the Mac stands out for having “only” grown by 20%. With the launch of MacBooks and the Mac mini with M1, analysts were expecting the Mac to hit $10 billion in sales, especially after it brought in $9 billion the previous quarter.

But it seems people are still waiting for the more powerful M1-powered MacBooks and iMacs. Or, they just bought a Mac earlier in the year and aren’t about to buy another one.

Apple no longer breaks out sales by unit, but CEO Tim Cook noted that active users hit 1 billion for the first time and active devices reached 1.65 billion, so it likely sold more than 90 million iPhones.

The company also noted that international sales accounted for 64% of quarterly revenue, including $21.3 billion from China, representing nearly 60% growth. Cook also said that Apple sent its largest ever deployment of iPads to schools in Germany and Japan.

In his comments, Cook praised the Apple team members and their service to the community:

“We’re also focused on how we can help make the communities we’re a part of stronger and more equitable through efforts like the Racial Equity and Justice Initiative, as well as our commitment to invest $350 billion across the United States.”

As in previous quarters, Apple declined to provide a second-quarter forecast due to uncertainty stemming from the coronavirus pandemic.

Original article published in Macworld US.