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Creating surveys and forms in ‘Google Forms’ are Workspace native tools that allow simple and fast data collection. In this sense, the application facilitates the development of training courses, exams. It is even possible to view results graphically. This tutorial teaches you how to create online surveys using templates.

How can I start a survey in Google Forms?

Online forms are essential tools in the information gathering process. in them you can add a custom style and share statistics of the answers obtained. Some creators include images and videos. Also, it is feasible to send the results by mail.

Typically, website owners embed such elements on their platforms. These are responsible for validating data in order to require the complete completion of the fields that will host the responses. There are even forms that are divided into sections. Then the respondent can see their progress during the data collection.

Therefore, it is important to know a method that allows you to carry out surveys from Google Forms. To achieve this, you must create an email account in Gmail (if you have not already done so). Also, you will need a stable internet connection and a good web browser. Afterwards, you can use online templates to set a default layout.

create your surveys in google forms

If you don’t want to use a predefined schema, there is the alternative of creating a form from scratch. It can include multimedia content and all the response formats you consider. After creating your survey, you will be able to analyze the information collected in order to save it in a database. This will be useful for statistical studies.

Sign in to Google account

First of all, make sure you have a Gmail email address. Then, sign in with it and click the nine-dot icon located next to the left side of your profile picture. Then select ‘Forms’. In this way, you will find a options gallery or templates to define a style according to your preferences.

Another way of accessing this Google application consists of open chrome browser. On the main screen of the search engine, press the icon in the upper right part of the window. Then press the ‘Forms’ option. Therefore, you will find the same catalog of predefined designs.

If you can’t find the program by following the steps above, you can work with the Google Workspace platform and move your cursor to the bottom of the page. There you will find the set of applications available. These are arranged alphabetically. Choose the ‘Forms’ option and proceed to locate a template from the gallery that provides the resource.

Use the Google Forms website or by the ‘Forms’ application

You can design and develop your surveys after accessing the official website or through a program called Forms.App. If you decide to use the website, all you have to do is open your Google email account and choose the application to start taking your surveys. In addition, the Chrome web browser makes it easy to direct access to the online tool.

how to make a survey in google forms

If you prefer to use an application for your mobile device, go to Forms.App and press the ‘Download’ button on iOS, Android or Huawei. Therefore, you will have the tool on your cell phone in order to create and manage all your forms from an easy-to-use interface.

The process of creating the survey resource is as simple as developing a Word document. You just have to define a template in order set layout. Then, you choose from several types of questions, whether they are short answer, multiple choice or with paragraphs. In fact, uploading files from Drive or the hard drive is allowed.

Once you prepare the set of questions, you can drag and drop them to another location in order to change the order. Also, it is valid to customize values, colors and the font of the documents. Optionally, you have the ‘Sheets’ tool, which will be very useful when analyzing and automate responses received.

What do I need to do to share the direct link to my Google Forms survey?

It is important to note that this application works as a native tool. Therefore, you do not need to download or use local files. Therefore, the company guarantees a higher level of security and protection in the handling of survey data. Files uploaded via Google Drive are kept encrypted at all times.

start using google forms to create surveys

Reason why it is possible send a direct link to the survey or attach form in Google Forms without any risk. In this sense, click on the ‘Send’ button which is located in the upper right part of the application. Press the chain icon that refers to ‘Link’. Then press ‘Ctrl + C’ in order to copy the survey address.

Go to your email and press ‘Ctrl + V’ to paste the link into the content of an email message. You can too add the poll to a blog or website in an easy way. Click ‘Submit’ from Google Forms and choose ‘Insert’. An HTML snippet will be displayed, copy and paste it into your page.

Another alternative to share your survey forms is to present them in different social networks. In this regard, you must go to the ‘Send’ option of the program and select ‘Facebook’ or ‘Twitter’. Immediately, a series of simple steps will be shown through which you can complete this process.