How to make my Android look like an iPhone?

Are you a fan of themes? Just as there are Christmas themes for Android, we also have the way to customize it to an iPhone or iPad style smart device. This is a very easy action, since there are many applications with which you can change the appearance of your mobile. Here you will see just that, how you can make your Android look like an iPhone.

Applications that I can download to have the appearance of iPhone on my Android

In these times we could say that there are more applications than devices that use them. We say this because of the large number that we find available in digital download platforms and in online stores. And in the case of iPhones, which are so popular, they are even easier to obtain.

In fact, one of the most used devices is the iPhone, there are many themes available that can be used to change the appearance of a mobile. Next, we will see some of them and the functions they perform. And as it was already mentioned of so much variety, we will talk about the most used and rated by the public for customizing an Android.

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iPhone X Launcher

In many cases this change arises due to improvements in the system of iPhone, iPad, iOS or Tablet that a normal product does not have. Perhaps improvements in resolutions, cameras, a screen lock app or others. What you will have to know before installing a launcher is to add it to your default browser so that it works correctly.

With the iPhone X launcher and its recent version located on the Google Play Store download platform and others, you can easily activate it. As well as modify and give the iPhone appearance using a simple Android. To do this, after downloading the product, what you must do is the following:

  • Change settings of your Android to accept the new Launcher.
  • To do this, enter the settings of your mobile and go to the screen session or Android themes and locate the system preference.
  • Marking on it; the new installer will be displayed where you will activate in switch mode.
  • After this you can enjoy its many iPhone style benefits.

Launcher iOS 14 for Android

This is arguably the easiest of many to access. After downloading the package the next thing on the list is accept the terms and policies of conditions on your smartphone. This is also built into any operating system.

iphone looking mobile

To proceed to use you enter your default browsers, so that it can be reproduced after inspection. That is to say, it captures and automatically incorporates itself into your applications, home screen, galleries, file manager, media player, contacts and others. After this when entering this it will already work as iPhone mode. In fact you can already change the font size of your messaging.

iOS 14 Launcher

This launcher performs the same functions as a ios launcher for android, only unlike others, it can be used within any system. That is, within devices regardless of version, brand, capacity and other factors. And like any theme, it develops the functions of iPhone or iPad after incorporating it into mobile.

Apart from all this, this theme supports more functions than usual other iPhone launcher. For example, vary the default colors from the factory ones.

Everything from the session + located in the AUTO REARRANGE, in the downloaded app. As well as, attach the launcher to a more advanced App such as messaging and contact. And use them later with the same functions.

Mentioning other more functions, we add that of alter sizes and widgets on the home screen. Hide applications or rest of some to not show them inside the taskbar. But as in many cases, everything is not always rosy. Since you have a limited number of topics to choose from. This, if your device is an Android version 3.5 or later.

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What do I have to do to configure the main theme of my mobile?

Once downloaded and assigned the values ​​and settings of the themes, what follows is to proceed with the product installation. To do this, what you have to do is follow these simple steps:

  • Enter your mobile and position yourself on the settings in the screen configuration session and then on themes.
  • The next step would be, search for the launcher of your choice. Already downloaded previously.
  • To achieve this, in the option already selected, all the themes to which you have access (this includes the Android one by default) or the factory one will be displayed.
  • After this you select the one of your preference, accepting the terms and conditions policies. And tests from installed applications. Checking that everything is run correctly and without faults.

One of the many options you can do from an Android. Not to mention others like add photos to contacts, sync with other apps at the same time, delete passwords already saved from other devices like iPhone. In addition to navigation tools and quick access. So what are you waiting for to use this amazing Method!