Is Facebook Pay or Google Pay better to manage my digital money?

If you are an entrepreneur and want to boost your business in digital marketing. It is of great importance that you use payment methods offered by today’s virtual platforms. Don’t just lean towards the traditional credit, debit, Visa and Mastercard card system. Give an electronic touch to your services in order to provide convenience to your customers.

For example, many use the Apple Pay platform. However, today we will talk about two new tools on the market and we will give you the advantages that each one of them offers for your business. These are Facebook Pay and Google Pay.

They have similar characteristics, the last one can be add multiple bank accounts to the same user. Come meet her with us and thus choose the one that best suits your needs.

Google Pay and Facebook Pay: What they have in common and what they don’t

Despite his recent implementation in the digital industry, These tools have become one of the best remuneration systems today. We know that the mobile payment service and NFC technology have come to stay and improve the quality of life of the people involved in this world.

But, despite this, you will wonder Which will be the best between the two? In the following paragraphs we will indicate the differences and advantages of each one so that you can give your point of view yourself.

Payment security management

The protection that the Facebook Pay platform provides to your money is good, since the information is free of possible risks. The only thing that can be a bit cumbersome is that it saves the data of your purchases and transactions. Because of that you will receive advertisements from products similar to those you purchased.

users making accounts

The security algorithm that Google Pay offers you for your money is very efficient. In all transaction processes your payments are protected. Also you personal and legal informationa is kept in a section protected from malicious access. Your virtual account, including the identification number, protects it from possible malware attacks designed to steal your privacy.

If you prefer to protect all your data through security codes, lock patterns, or fingerprints, the platform still allows it. The last two options can also be used as methods of verification when making payments corresponding. You can adjust the payment method in Google Play and use your preference whether it is debit card, credit or the PayPal platform.

Rest assured that Google Pay has taken care to ensure security in all areas of the mobile wallet. This was created for the well-being of your business and money. Taking into account the security method of each platform, you can choose the one that best suits you.

How to send payments

This is another difference between both tools, Facebook Pay allows you to make payments from your Facebook account or the wallet application.

In your profile on the social network, access the menu on the right side and click on Account settings. there you will see the payment option of Facebook Pay you just have to activate it to start using it. In the same way, you will have access to the movements of the wallet.

In the case of Google Pay, it is done from the website and the app. The record is similar to that of his rival. However, every time you execute a transaction you must go through several security fields that it requires.

phone opening google pay app

In addition, it should be noted that this wallet only offers its services in the USA and part of the UK. If you are going to make a payment on a digital marketing platform, you must enter and press the Google Pay option and choose the user and confirm the order.

Vouchers and gift cards

Both platforms have a type of prize for their users. In the case of Google Pay, you get gifts of loyalty cards that make customer purchases easier. These are attached to the wallet and do not require the use of the credit and debit cards. This benefits young users who have not yet been able to finish managing their bank accounts.

without leaving behind the Facebook Pay platform, although this program supports cancellation methods with Visa, Mastercard, and American Express. Similarly, it gives its users gift cards if they request it. Which helps to make local payments easily. This has been implemented for the convenience of wallet clients.

Its availability in all countries

Thanks to the arrival of these applications in the business world, it is very possible that you no longer want to use ordinary payment methods. in the purchase of your items. If you want to take advantage of the benefits offered by Google Pay.

Download the app in the app store corresponding to the operating system that you have your phone smart and create an account on it. Just keep in mind that the wallet works in some continents, that is, European, Asian and American. Although work is being done to reach other territories.

user making payment by facabook pay

As for Facebook Pay, its boundaries are broader. Its services are offered on the continent of Latin America, Asia, Africa, Europe, the Middle East, and North America. Although, its developers are thinking of further expanding its limits, they also want to use sister networks like Instagram, WhatsApp and Messenger.

Between Facebook Pay and Google Pay, which is the best option?

Counting on the information applications overview, and at the same time have a knowledge of the advantages that each one brings with it. As a user, you will have to choose the one that best adheres to the mechanism of your company.

Both platforms are excellent, they came with the purpose of helping their users to carry out all their transactions in a simple way. Of course, bearing in mind the territory where both can be used.

Our goal is to help you get to know the complete set of tools, we are not inclined to the preference of any. Another option that you have as clients is that you can use them both and thus learn a little more first-hand about the benefits that they offer you.

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