League of Legends How to download League of Legends: Wild Rift for iPhone and Android? Before playing League of Legends: Wild Rift, you need to…

before playing League of Legends: Wild Rift, you need to download it. Given this, we will tell you what are the ways in which you can download this title from your mobile. As you will see below, it is a very easy process, but it will give you many hours of fun, just like its PC version does.

What requirements are necessary to install League of Legends: Wild Rift?

To play League of Legends generally requires that your team has some requirements. On rare occasions the game does not run for the simple fact that your mobile does not comply with the minimum requirements. It’s rare, as the title is well optimized, but it doesn’t hurt to know what you need to play it the right way.

Necessary requirements on Android

For devices running Google OS, actually running LOL Wild Rift is not difficult. In fact, in essence, you only require that your device has Android 5 (or any higher version), a multi-processor core and at least 2GB of RAM memory. In turn, you need to have a decent graphics.

download league of legends wild rift for iphone and android

In any case, the truth is that the vast majority of current mobiles are capable of running the game. As usual, Riot Games takes into account that its titles can be played on most devices. For this reason, it is most likely that you will be able to run the game without problems.

In any case, it is important to bear in mind that there are many models of Android mobiles. This means that it could happen that the game does not run great on your device, even being compatible. Given this, we recommend modern models.

The idea is to have somewhat powerful graphics and processors. Although the above is not a requirement, it will undoubtedly improve your gaming experience.

Necessary requirements on iPhone

In the case of Apple mobiles, the matter of running League of Legends: Wild Rift is much simpler, since the company has very defined models. As for the requirements, you just need to have at least one iPhone 6s or any top cell phone. In turn, do not forget that it is required that you have the iOS software updated to at least version 10.

On the other hand, it is fair note that League of Legends: Wild Rift is very well optimized for iPhone devices. The foregoing allows you to play the title without major problems on the company’s modern cell phones. In any case, only the newer ones allow you to play the video game at higher frame rates and quality.

download league of legends wild rift for iphone and android

Where and how to download the game League of Legends: Wild Rift?

Like other mobile applications, LOL Wild Rift can be obtained directly from the official stores on each platform. It is clear that everything depends on the operating system that your cell phone has, but fortunately the title is available on the most popular mobiles.

Using Google Play on Android

Just like any other relevant app, you will be able to download and update League of Legends. In fact, it’s the only place you should download the software from. At the same time, it is the ideal space to know if your device is compatible with the gamesince, if it does not appear, almost certainly you will not be able to play it properly.

Indeed, just as we pointed out, if the video game does not appear in the google play store, you probably won’t be able to run it. Note that the company has an internal compatibility list. This point indicates that if your cell phone does not meet the appropriate requirements, often the video game or the app will not be displayed.

download league of legends wild rift on your mobile

In the case of Android mobiles, we actually do not recommend downloading the title from a platform other than Google Play. As we indicated, if the game is not displayed, you may not be able to run it. In turn, downloading the title from another place could lead to viruses and various threats to the device.

With the App Store on iOS

The video game is also available on iPhone mobiles and other Apple products. You can download the application directly from the App Store. In turn, it is possible to play using your Apple account. Simply download the app, run it, update, and start enjoying LOL.

Also, please note that older devices like the iPhone 5 are no longer compatible with League of Legends: Wild Rift. Still, any mobile from iPhone 6 will run the title to the 1000 wonders. Keep in mind that devices similar or superior to iPhone 13 will offer much better visual quality and even more outstanding performance.

How can I create my Riot Games account to play LoL: Wild Rift?

The developer company presents several ways to enjoy its games and League of Legends: Wild Rift is no exception. The truth is that you can use various platforms to enjoy the title. In fact, everything depends on the device you have, but the options, as we mentioned, are several.

download league of legends wild rift for your cell phone

In the case of having an Android mobile, you will have the possibility to create an account with Riot Games or also sign in with Google or Facebook. Don’t worry, the sign up and login options appear when you open the game for the first time. If in case of errors when opening League of Legends, you can use the task manager to force close it and reopen it.

For iPhones and other Apple products, the process is essentially the same as Android. Just open the game for the first time and the function to create an account will appear automatically. direct with Riot Games. In turn, you will have the option to log in with your Apple user or with Facebook.

If you still doubt the process, both on Android and iOS, you just have to click on the fist-shaped icon. By doing the above, you will be able to obtain your Riot Games username, just click on ‘create account’ and provide each of the data indicated.