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Teamfight Tactics is a free strategy game released in 2019 as a mode for League of Legends. It’s similar to other games of this ilk where you must recruit units from a shared lineup of resources. You can form teams, manage your economy and manage to position your units.

His popularity has grown and he has a network of players to world level of 33 million. When playing Teamfight Tactics, the fights are automatic, so the key is to choose a powerful and synergistic one to defeat the enemy in each round.

List of the best basic Teamfight Tactics compositions

Choosing the best of these for TFT it has to do with synergy. Therefore, one with multiple of this feature is the right choice. It can be difficult to select one because of how fast it updates. We can say that the best are the following:

teamfight tactics game cover

The Innovators.

The Fighters.

The Technochemists.

The Colossi.

the enchanters

The composition of mutants

These offer at least 6 possible synergies. Also gain attack viability. They have a 3% bonus and 25% spell steal. If you activate one of 5 this you can increase much more.

Mutants and Colossi you have to go up to level 8 to make it effective and so use two of these. So there would be a synergy composed of 5 mutants, 2 colossi and 2 fighters. You would get a resistant composition with unmatched damage. The combination of the Mutant power and the resistance of the colossi create one of the strongest in the game.

The attacking junkers

Several incomplete components of the Junkyard champions become a complete ephemeral item for combat. Also gain a health shield for each equipped item. Attacking Junkyards Sivir has been an under-the-radar carry.

It is played in a standard way, without the need for overly complicated strategies. You will get Attackers 4, Scrappers 2, Hextech 2 and Bodyguard 2.

lovely compositions

These are ideal for resist longer in battles. The heal and shield from these are much stronger, because all allies will have higher magic resist. On a synergy of 3 you gain +35 resistance and 40% healing protection. For a 5 it increases resistance to 75% and 100% healing and protection.

control to play teamfight tactics

The innovative composition

As its name says introduce innovative elements to the fight. They are also able to build a companion, as an ally against enemies to join the battle. On a 3 he gets a mechanical beetle, on a 7 an amazing dragon.

5 innovators, plus 3 charmers, plus 2 socialite, plus 2 scrap, 2 clockwork, and 1 transformer. This would result be a very resistant composition. If you can add and detail Jayce and also get the Breaker Spatula, it will be an easy transition to Breaker 7 to get the Mech Dragon.

What advanced comps can help me play TFT?

The best Teamfight Tactics players have used all kinds of compositions, testing the ones that provide the best synergy in battle. Every time the fights are more competitive, which forces to look for new strategies against the enemy. To stand out as a player you can use some advanced compositions that make you reach the top of the TFTs.

scrapbook composition

The best choice is Junkman for the tough rounds. Its powers They increase as more items are obtained. In addition to having Gafe and Echo, who are suitable champions on the battlefield. Don’t forget to also have other legendary characters and enter them at the end of the game at level 9.

Also, updating Teamfight Tactics will allow you to get all your news and perhaps some change or modification of this or another composition. It should also be noted that like any other game, it could have some errors that should be corrected in time. This is done as we maintain the most recent installation.

Re-Roll Composition

For increased power and physical damage, Test the cleavage effect, combining the elements well with the composition. This is also very flexible: you can have 6 legionnaires, 4 or 6 heralds of Alba.

You can also spin on a Reroll Yasuo field if you have better items to equip it with. Mordekaiser will act as a secondary tank and charger. This will carry the remaining components.

in-game battle arena

Debonair Composition

Draven, Zeri, Syndra and Talon are epic characters with great speed. To take advantage of its potential you must activate the synergies in order to find the VIP passive in the other champions. The most valuable items are Infinity Edge, Guinsoo, and Bloodroot.

These work best on Draven who is the most relevant character in this mode. Zeri can deal damage, it’s magical and physical so he has objects that improve both qualities. Debonair VIPs have the advantage of obtaining unique bonuses.

Yordle Composition

Also called Doubleshot, they come to light Yordle, Twinshot and Arcanist. To put together an excellent composition and use the bonuses when you are at level 7. It is also ideal to get 3 stars and the items that provide healing to allies. Do not forget Morgana whose outstanding quality is to survive longer.

With three Yordles after combat with a player, a Random Free Yordle spawns in your bank. At a composition of 5, the mana cost is reduced by 20%. Yordle Lord Veigar can be summoned from a portal as long as each portal is 3-star.

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