NFT Where can I buy NFTs and how to do it? – Buying Guide NFT stands for ‘Non Fungible Token’ and refers…

NFT Where can I buy NFTs and how to do it? – Buying Guide NFT stands for ‘Non Fungible Token’ and refers…

NFT stands for ‘Non Fungible Token’ and it refers to a type of good that can represent digital assets in a Blockchain, which has gradually gained a large space on the Internet.

Although for some NFTs pollute the world, it should be noted that this type of technology contains a information code distinguishable from the others. Given its importance in today’s world, we will show you where you can acquire these goods and the procedure to achieve it.

Which NFT selling platform should I use?

Today, anyone can make digital assets after creating a wallet that stores a cryptocurrency (which you can then exchange into the dollar or another currency).

The web offers various tools by which you can upload a file, convert it and connect it to a crypto wallet. The latter requires the payment of a fee to dispose of the object in the block chain, necessary for the sale of the good.

where can i buy nfts and how to do it

When it comes to using a software wallet, most creators choose to download MetaMask for mobile or PC. In this sense, it is possible add an extension of the cryptocurrencyto in Chrome or Firefox. After installing the app, it will connect to the platform you have selected in order to develop your NFTs. Thus, the task will be much safer.

Exists a wide platform list that facilitate the process of uploading and converting files to NFT before offering them on the market. Such is the case of OpenSea, Nifty Gateway, Mintable and Markersplace tools. They all have particular attributes and are adaptable to the requirements of the token creators.

Opensea the best option for beginners

‘OpenSea’ is an internet sales marketplace that used to advertise digital products. Said store works in a decentralized manner and facilitates the commercialization of NFTs. It was founded in 2017 and has grown a lot since then. The company enjoys a high market leadership and is very useful for inexperienced users.

Transactions on the aforementioned platform are carried out using a wallet. In this way, it is done a link with a open sea account and initiates an evaluation process. Therefore, the user data is verified. In addition, it is essential to pass a biometric identification. After following these steps, each person can buy the NFT of their choice or upload one.

places to buy nfts and how to do it

OpenSea was developed under the Ethereum network, but supports other blockchains such as Klatyn or Polygon. Once you access their website, you will be able to find a search engine and different categories with direct filters. In this way, information about the product, its creators, NFT attributes and other collections is displayed.

The token of a token allows to identify its verification and if it is subject to a smart contract. The company offers direct purchase and auction formats. The first is based on acquire the non-expendable good by immediate payment. The second requires an offer over a period of time. The bid with the highest value gets the NFT.

Nifty Gateway, the most popular place to buy NFTs

This company is responsible for selling music and digital artwork and it is also based on Ethereum. Users can publish, offer and resell their products. For its part, the platform reviews the art deliveries and checks the accounts of artists that are entering.

Unlike other companies, Nifty Gateway is not open to everyone. For this reason, it is essential to register in order to open this Marketplace. In general, it is necessary to enter personal data, email and a password. Next, you will need to add a photo of profile and connect a wallet or link a credit card.

The tool is a subsidiary of a company transactional call Gemini LLC. If you create an account there, you can trade fungible assets, buy them, sell them. As with other companies, Nifty Gateway has several service fees that are added when creating digital items. In addition, there is a 5% commission for each sale.

It is possible to publish tokens, accumulate from another internet web page and transfer them to Nifty Gateway. Likewise, direct creation through this platform is valid before carrying out any operation. This last step requires a previous verification.

platforms to acquire nfts

Mintable to use Bitcoin or Etherium

Mintable is an intermediary that facilitates the digital item exchange. On this site it is valid to use the currency Bitcoin and other cryptos. It was created in 2018 and includes some operations such as minting. This is a blockchain verification process. The site requires registering an account and connecting to a crypto wallet.

The tool presents an interface that divides the components into sections. When the user finds an article of interest, they can obtain it through crypto or with a credit card to pay in dollars or other currency.

If you choose the latter alternative, a 5% fee is added to the total amount of the purchase. After you make the transaction, the item is added to the ‘My Orders’ list located in your profile.

Mintable is used to create digital items from audio, video, images, game accessories, among others. The process of offering a token in this Marketplace is very simple. All you have to do is log in and put the item up for sale. Set a price and define copyright. Lastly, you must list the product aiming to mint and offer it to the buying and selling market.

Makersplace, the largest platform for NFTs

‘Markersplace’ is the ideal place where you can discover and collect non-expendable goods. The company features digital objects that are created by various artists. Professionals share their works through a gallery. The platform is quite selective in terms of creator invite process.

how to buy nft and how to do it

The company provides exclusive jobs that are tracked when accepted. The site then puts them on display so they can be sold to collectors who can keep the NFT or resell it at a later time. A relevant aspect of Markersplace is that it does not take custody of the tokens, but works as an intermediary that facilitates exchanges between buyers and sellers.

The assets that can be acquired from this platform are art in three dimensions, videos and images. The website interface provides the option to search for the work according to its status, by the name of the author or the price.

How to buy NFTs nowadays?

The operation of NFTs today makes it possible find different asset stores They have varied collections. In this way, customers have the opportunity to select various works according to their tastes. Most companies provide offers and display items from a comfortable and simple interface.

If you want to buy a token you must access one of the mentioned platforms. Then check out the most popular collections according to your requirements. Click on one of the available categories and read the product statistics before paying. Finally, click on ‘Make offer’ and use your wallet compatible with the website or the payment in dollars or the currency that is available.