Samsung Tv Plus What is ‘Samsung TV Plus’ and how to get the most out of it? Currently we find different entertainment platforms that offer us…

Samsung Tv Plus What is ‘Samsung TV Plus’ and how to get the most out of it? Currently we find different entertainment platforms that offer us…

Currently we find different entertainment platforms that offer us a wide variety of series, movies and much more. Which have been integrated in the different Smart TVs of different brands, such as in the televisions of the Samsung company. This one in particular has some apps included in Samsung smart TVs and one of them is Samsung TV Plus.

Likewise, this is a service offered by the company on its smart devices so that users have free content and can view it. Also, you do not need any other external device to use this application, It is already included by the manufacturer. Now, if you want to know much more about the program, you should continue reading this article.

What function exactly does the Samsung TV Plus platform have and what is its differentiating element?

In the first instance, this service was designed so that the clients of this company who purchase the devices can have access to exclusive content.

That is no need to download other software entertainment such as Netflix, Amazon Prime or others. Which is very positive both for users who have a television of this type and for the company because it achieves more popularity.

The main function of Samsung TV Plus is to provide a wide catalog of entertainment channels. Likewise, it will be possible to access content such as sports, music, news, movies and others. But what makes this platform different from others is that it is free. Which means that you will not have to cancel any subscription to enjoy it and you can enter at any time.

know what function has samsung tv plus

Another element that makes the difference of this app is that is integrated into the Smart TV and it will not have to be downloaded from any app store.

On many occasions, televisions with this type of technology have to install an entertainment app. But in this case, the same will not happen, because a SmartTV of this brand gives you the possibility to download Samsung TV plus.

How does ‘Samsung TV Plus’ work to watch exclusive content?

The best thing about this platform is that you can enter it whenever you want without any limitation, just just turn on your Smart TV from Samsung to start using it. Once you turn on the TV, you will have to enter the menu of applications that it has. Then you look for the Samsung TV Plus app in which you will access and in this way you will find exclusive content.

In addition, there you will find live broadcasts of some channels and for this you must enter the Service Guide, and identify which ones are live. Now when accessing them you have to press on the CH button on the ‘One Remote Control’ from Samsung. In said switch you must press up or down to rotate the channel and thus search for the one of interest.

But even, you can enjoy a section that offers the most recommended programs and that is in popularity. Also, you can choose to delete those channels that you do not want to have on the list and for that go into said directory, then Select the ‘Edit Channels’ option. There, you can start removing the ones that are not of interest and leave the ones that are necessary.

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However, the Smart TV will have to have an excellent internet connection to work and not have problems when using it. Since, like other devices, most of your entertainment programs require the network. In the case of Samsung televisions, these have the possibility of connecting via Wi-Fi or cable.

How to download Samsung TV Plus on my screen?

You don’t need to download anything or pay extra, just turn on your TV. To access, simply turn on your Samsung Smart TV and press the ‘smart hub’ switch on the remote. Depending on the model you will see the button with the corresponding inscription or with the square of colors right in the center.

Flip that switch on the smart tv remote and you will access the applications. Along with your usual apps you will see that there is Samsung TV Plus. Then you will have access to the different channels that are free.

However, if you have a Smart TV that has an Android operating system that is not from the Samsung brand, it is most likely that it does not have this service integrated. However, these teams they have an app store out of the box, by which you can download and install the app.

As in any other device that has an Android operating system, theThe app store will be the Play Store, like that of Android cell phones. This app is available on the official Samsung website.

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Samsung TV Plus Price

Some platforms, such as Netflix, Amazon Prime and others, require a monthly fee to enjoy the content they offer. However, the Samsung TV Plus service is free for customers who purchase a Smart TV from the company. Which means, that you do not have to cancel any payment to enjoy the channels it offers. Since, it is included in the equipment from its manufacture.

The only negative of the platform is that ads will appear when it is being used and for many users it is somewhat annoying. Also, you don’t have any option that allows remove such notices temporarily or final.

What to do to get the most out of Samsung TV Plus?

It’s amazing how technology has evolved and with it televisions. Since, there are smart devices that offer different options.

But the best thing about these Smart TVs is that have internet connection via Wi-Fi or cable, apart from some applications available. However, Samsung company equipment brings something very particular and it is entertainment software.

Samsung TV Plus is one of the best options that the company has been able to integrate into its devices to be more popular among its customers. That is why you have to enjoy to the fullest and get the most out of it, This is achieved by making use of it. However, here we will give you some options so you can enjoy this platform.

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Watch series and movies on Samsung TV Plus

Most entertainment apps like Netflix and others offer a wide range of series and movies that are available. In the case of the platform that the company includes on its televisions, it also gives its customers the opportunity to enjoy a lot of content. In this way, you can schedule a family day and share a special channel with friends.

In the catalog that it has, you will find different ones that deal with films of science fiction, romance, period and much more. Most of these programs are known and as always the company tries to give the best for its users.

But not only is entertainment about cinema available, but you can also watch series that are to the customer’s liking. The truth is, you have a lot content available and that is freewhich is the best.

How to change the language on Samsung TV Plus?

Most of the time the equipment comes configured according to the location where it is purchased, that is, if you buy one in China, this one has chinese language.

However, it may happen that the channel programming is in a language other than the one you speak. That is why it is necessary to change and in the case of Smart TV of the Samsung brand that in the TV Plus application you cannot set the language.

However, there is a viable solution and it is about putting subtitles on the transmission to understand what is being said. Then what you have to do is the following:

learn how to change the language of samsung tv plus

  • Turn on your television.
  • Now, with the remote control, go into Smart TV setting.
  • Then look for the ‘Sound-Emission’ option and enter it.
  • Then, in the list of choices that will appear, select ‘Audio’.
  • Then go to ‘Languages’.
  • Choose the language that you like the most.
  • Finally, save the changes made.

Most important channels on Samsung TV Plus

The truth is that this platform has a large list of programs that are available and that are free. The same way, there are some that are more prominent than others and this can be seen in a section that gives the same application. But if you want to know the most outstanding ones, here we will leave you a list:

  • Action – Rakuten TV
  • BloombergTV+
  • Club TV
  • Comedy Made in Spain
  • Deluxe LoungeHD
  • duckTV
  • euronews
  • Fashion TV
  • InsightTV
  • motorvision
  • MTV Catfish
  • junior planet
  • Pluto TV Animakids
  • Pluto TV Cinema
  • Pluto TV Kitchen
  • Qwest TV Classical
  • Qwest TV Mix
  • tv crime