Smart TV Tutorials How to fix all Samsung TV Plus problems? – Solutions to the most common errors It is very difficult to enjoy the entertainment that the program offers us…

It is very difficult to enjoy the entertainment that we provides Samsung TV Plus program, if at any time this does not work. First of all, check carefully if you have common faults on the Smart TV.

The package offers 4K movie channels to users who own a Smart TV. However, the company has help strategies to improve faults that can generate the package. In the development of this tutorial we are going to get pertinent tips to fix the problem.

Why has my Samsung TV Plus platform stopped working properly?

We must be clear, in the first instance, that the application was only developed to be viewed on Samsung company equipment. It should be noted that the features of these devices are excellent and it has some tricks or secrets to use it. If you are running the program on a different device, that may be the cause of the problem.

But, if that is your case, we will show you possible reasons that intervene in the program not working correctly. For example, it may be because, if your network connection is failing, that when configuring the package you left out information or made a bad adjustment.

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You may also need to update your TV’s software or firmware. Also, it can be due to some information in the cache being corrupted, among others. Whatever the cause of the failure, we will give you the solutions to any of them.

How to fix the errors on Samsung TV Plus that happen the most?

It is very important that you always take into account the advice of the developers of the program. That is, they created a list of solutions to possible problems in the application. It should be noted that they can be implemented in any version of the televisions of the Samsung line, regardless of the equipment model.

In the previous paragraphs, we talked about several causes that can cause your Samsung TV Plus app to fail. One of them could be due to a basic error that causes the inconvenience. For example, code error, hardware problem, download failureor incompetence when downloading the program.

In any of these cases we can disconnect the TV from the power switch and restart it again. Using this action will remove storage, cache, and any other temporary files from your computer. It is advisable that do not connect the TV to electricity for a while lengthy time to effectively correct the common fault.

This could be a minute to two, then reconnect the power cord. Check if the power router warning lights turn on and off. If this is positive, turn on your computer and see if it still fails.

Reset router settings

Another cause that can cause a problem in the Samsung TV plus program is the internet connection. This package needs good and stable connectivity so that you can carry out your tasks without any errors. In the event that you check your connection and see that it is failing a bit, we recommend that you restart your router.

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You should also contact your server to do broadband tests and they can validate how good the signal is. In addition, carry out the following steps so that you can do this check yourself and avoid wasting time communicating with your service agency.

Go to the configuration of your Smart TV and from the networks option enter the Wi-Fi section and see the speed of the connection. Data similar to 25mbps download and 5mbps upload. You have a stable signal, otherwise, disconnect your equipment and wait a few seconds to turn it on.

Change DNS settings

When exhausting all the connectivity options and in the same way it does not improve. It is very likely that the failure is due to some error in the settings and you must know the DNS address. There is even the possibility that the DNS Server is not correct, there is a solution for these problems.

The best thing about this option is that let’s change the dns address to Google DNS services. In order to make the package work correctly. To execute this action, let’s perform the following procedure.

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  • We turn on our equipment, and click on the Menu or Home from the remote control.
  • Now click on the ‘Settings and then in the option Network’.
  • A tab will be displayed where we will choose Network States, and then we will click on IP Configuration.
  • Click on DNS Settings, let’s switch to Automatic Obtain. Where we will enter the Google DNS data.
  • Register the following code in the primary option and for the secondary you are going to enter
  • Finally, click on the sectionSave Settings. And reboot the device.

Successfully update Samsung TV Plus

Within the Smart TV we must have certain updated programs so that theTV Features are carried out correctly. For example, the firmware helps the performance of certain applications to be effective. If it is out of date, this causes package failure when downloading Samsung TV Plus.

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The other program that you must be updated for the Samsung TV Plus package to do its functions without error. It’s the team systemgo to Settings, then Support and click on ‘Software Update’ and finally ‘Update Now’.

However, if the problem persists when performing the process, it is very possible that the package is out of date. To proceed to download the newest version, perform the following steps.

  • Click on A smart hub, on the remote.
  • Let’s go to Recommended and click on Samsung TV plus program.
  • Now click on the arrow button.
  • Register your account to use the package.
  • Choose the option ‘Update Schedule’ and then tap on all.
  • When finished, click on ‘Aupdate’ and start the download.