Smart TV Tutorials How to install ‘Samsung TV Plus’ on my Smart TV? – Completely free The multinational company Samsung, will have available on its latest televisions…

Smart TV Tutorials How to install ‘Samsung TV Plus’ on my Smart TV? – Completely free The multinational company Samsung, will have available on its latest televisions…

The company Samsung multinational, will have an application called ‘Samsung TV Plus’ available on its latest generation televisions. It has launched a free streaming service, which means that it will provide television content by updating the Smart TV.

In other words, this app will allow you to enjoy a real-time connection, without the need to use an added device. You only need to have internet to enjoy the benefits offered by the applicationfrom the comfort of your home and best of all, for free.

Does Samsung TV Plus charge to download and use its app?

Samsung TV Plus is a service that provides Free access for the Smart TV system, where you will find very diverse and high-quality content. In addition, it promises more than 100 free channels.

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What content on Samsung TV Plus is paid?

The platform has more than 100 channels of different themes such as cinema, series, movies, sports, news, entertainment and much more. In addition, it has an itinerary without ads that interrupt the enjoyment of exclusive content.

On the other hand, this app will have a programming guide, where we will be able to see your next planning in each of the channels. So you can be aware of the transmissions that they will be presenting beforehand, very similar to the content of DirecTV.

It also includes the recommendations option, where you can find certain special channels, exclusive content and the most outstanding. These being the most popular among users of this format, in this way an easier service will be provided and with total simplicity in the navigation of the Samsung TV Plus platform.

How to install Samsung TV Plus on my Smart TV?

An installation is not necessary, since Samsung TV Plus does not demand downloads of anything Y Nor pay extra costs. It only requires turning on your television and you will be enjoying this application. The main thing is to have an internet connection to take full advantage of the benefits that Samsung TV Plus will offer you.

To enter this system it is enough that turn on your Samsung SmartTV and click on the ‘smart hub’ or connection point’ button. Press that button on the Smart TV remote and you will access the applications. In addition to your most frequent apps, you will see that Samsung TV Plus is on and you will be able to use your favorite channels.

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Also, currently Samsung TV Plus can also be used on mobile devices. You will be able to access this service if you have a Samsung Smartphone or tablet with Android version 8.0 or higher. You just have to download the app, for free, without extra costs or resorting to any payment data.

Having an app store

Samsung TVPlus it is an automatic service. That is, it allows you to access directly from the application bar that is attached to your Smart TV. In fact, no type of installation will have to be carried out, since it comes in an application format, integrated by factory default, in each Samsung television.

On the other hand, if you have investigated the technology of your Samsung TV and in no way get this application, you should go to download Samsung TV Plus. For this, it is important to take into account the following, since your device must meet certain requirementswhich are mentioned below:

  • An internet connection.
  • Devices with minimum versions of Android 8 or higher than this.
  • Samsung television of recent model, with Smart TV after the year 2016.

My TV doesn’t have an app store.

It will not be necessary for your TV to have an application store, because each Samsung brand TV from the year 2016, that have updated software, will have the integrated Smart TV system.

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That is why you can take advantage Samsung TV Plus service and enjoy all the benefits and applications that this platform offers, on your TV, since it is pre-established by default in each of these devices.

How can I create a new Samsung TV Plus account?

you do not require no special record, in order to take advantage of the functions offered by Samsung TV Plus. Therefore, you will not have to create any type of account or enter confidential or personal data, such as your bank details. No subscriptions, zero fees, no credit card registration, just 100% free TV.

Now, in case you decide to create a Samsung account, you can have additional functions that will allow you to personalize your experience, with Samsung TV Plus, in a more satisfactory way.

You can enjoy your favorite programming, set reminders to watch the programs you want, generate a list to watch later. Yeah I know you have a samsung accountit will not be necessary to register another, with that you will be able to function correctly.