The Apple Watch can detect that you have COVID-19 before you do

The Apple Watch can detect that you have COVID-19 before you do

A new study shows how smartwatches like the Apple Watch could detect COVID-19, but for now there is no application that does.

The study, conducted by the Mount Sinai Health System hospital network in New York, shows how the Apple Watch can detect small changes in the wearer’s heart rate up to seven years before the first symptoms of COVID-19 appear, or is performed. a test that later comes back positive.

This study was conducted between April 29 and September 29 in 300 people who work in the health system. Changes in heart rhythm were analyzed, especially heart rate variability, which can indicate how well a person’s immune system is working.

California’s Stanford University has also conducted a similar study that includes brands like Garmin and Fitbit, as well as the Apple Watch. In this study, the bracelets and watches were able to detect change up to nine and a half days before the first symptoms appeared in a person who was later detected to have the coronavirus.

In total, two-thirds of COVID-19 cases could be detected between four and seven days before the first symptoms. This has been reported since CBSNews.

It must be said that neither Apple nor any other manufacturer of bracelets fitness participated in or contributed money to the study.

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Original article published in MacWorld Sweden.