The next budget entry-level iPad will be powered by an A14 chip and have 5G, USB-C connectivity

of Apple simply called “iPad” is its cheapest tablet, starting at $329 normally, and the current model was updated last September. The entry-level iPad is the most affordable iPad available in the lineup.

For this reason, Apple has chosen to keep this iPad in exactly the same design as older iPad models, but this has its drawbacks, such as having a Lightning port instead of the more modern USB-C. This year will see more substantial updates, according to various rumours. USB-C opens a world of possibilities for iPad users. The connector supports faster transfer speeds and an even wider variety of peripherals, while the Lightning connector still relies on the slower USB 2.0 standard and relies on adapters for just about everything. With USB-C, entry-level iPad users can also easily connect to newer external displays, like Apple’s Studio Display. The next generation of the budget iPad will have a Retina display with the same 1640×2360 resolution as the iPad Air, which means its diagonal length will also change, from the current 10.2-inches to 10.9-inches to match the latest. iPadAir. which was released in March.The next budget entry-level iPad will be powered by an A14 chip and have 5G, USB-C connectivity However, support for a wider color gamut and higher brightness will remain exclusive to the more expensive iPads in Apple’s lineup. The next budget iPad will be powered by the A14 Bionic chipset and will come with 5G support. The same source also claims that the next budget iPad will be equipped with a USB-C port. So from then on, Apple’s entire slate of modern tablets will have USB-C on board. It’s a bit strange that Apple hasn’t done the same with its iPhones and is adamant about keeping them limited to Lightning ports. However, if recent EU legislation is anything to go by, they may be forced to switch to USB-C from Lightning ports. It’s not yet clear when this budget iPad will launch. However, considering Apple’s history, the new budget iPad is likely to appear this fall at the iPhone launch event. Via: FirstPost