The Search app reveals the alleged imminent launch of AirTags

Apple is expected to release several new products this spring, but most of them would be new generations of existing models. The main exception would be the AirTag, a Tile-like object tracker with which Apple would enter a new era.

And there are increasing signs to suggest the AirTag could be coming soon. The last one is a tab that would indicate so and that has been found in the Search app.

MacRumors noticed that if you enter findmy://items in the address bar of Safari on an iPhone or iPad, and you agree to open the page in Search, you can activate the secret tab.

At the time of this writing, we were able to replicate the process on an iPad with iPadOS 14.3 installed, which appears to be necessary for this trick to work. If you’re trying it on an iPhone, you’ll need to have iOS 14.3 installed.

AirTags in App Search

The tab displays the text “Keep Track of Your Everyday Items” and gives you the ability to add accessories and other items to the Find app. Show examples like keys, a backpack, and a bicycle. Obviously, none of those items can be tracked right now with the Find My app. You would need a tracker… like the AirTag.

You can also access the secret tab in macOS Big Sur 11.1, which suggests that you’ll be able to use the AirTag with most Apple devices.

The other day, Belkin revealed that it would release a new pair of earbuds compatible with Apple’s Find app in March or April, so expect AirTags to launch any minute now.

Original article published in MacWorld Sweden.