There will be no Apple Event on March 16, according to Mark Gurman

Last week, from EconomicDailyNews They claimed that Apple would hold a press event on March 16 (likely to announce a new iPad Pro and a new iPad mini).

At the time, we questioned this statement, since it was based on two Twitter accounts without any type of history to support them, but it did coincide with a prediction that Jon Prosser had made in October.

The journalist from Bloomberg Apple specialist Mark Gurman has now given his opinion, posting on Twitter that Apple has no intention of holding an event on March 16. This is reported from MacRumors.

Gurman responded to a tweet about the possible March 16 event with a resounding statement: “In the end it won’t happen.”

One post interpreted this to mean there would be no Apple event for the entire month of March, but Gurman was quick to clarify that he was “meaning there would be no event on March 16.” This suggests that there could be a spring event on another day in March.

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Original article published in MacWorld Sweden.