Twitter How to see Twitter trends with a single click? – Android, iOS and PC Twitter is one of the most popular social networks that allows…

Twitter is one of the most popular social networks that allows share tastes and exchange opinions. In addition, the tool facilitates access to the latest news and facts that manage to be trending on Twitter. For this reason, it is important that you can see the trends with a single click from your Android, iOS and even on your PC.

What should I do to access Twitter trends?

One of the most effective ways to join conversations and achieve a higher level of interaction on the internet is to view trending topics. These are related to topics that are fashionable and that most people talk about at a specific time. For this reason, it is essential activate this feature on mobile.

The social network is responsible for executing an algorithm in order to show you information that may be important to you. In this regard, a personalization process is carried out in relation to the accounts you follow, the topics that interest you and your geographical location. so that you can view the most popular topics every day or for a period of time.

observe twitter trends with a single click

Twitter trends have different locations depending on the device you use to access the app. In this sense, it is possible to use the App intended for mobile phones according to their operating system. Also, you can choose to see the most outstanding issues that everyone is talking about.

With the Twitter app on Android or iOS

It is possible to see global trends on a smartphone. To achieve this, you will need to download Twitter from the Play Store if you are using an Android device. On the other hand, it is necessary that go to the apple store to locate the App if you have an iPhone.

Once you install the application on your mobile, register an account and confirm the process. Then log in with your username and password. Go to the ‘Explore’ tab where the magnifying glass icon is located and look for the ‘Trends’ section. There, you will find a word or phrases with the # symbol that refers to the ‘hashtag’ similar to the one used on Facebook.

Process to view Twitter trends from PC

If you want to find the most notorious themes of this social network through a computer, you must open the website ‘’ and log in with your account. Click on the ‘Trending’ option below the search box and you will immediately be presented with a list of the thirty most talked about topics in the country where you live.

access twitter trends with a single click

How can I add a shortcut to Twitter trends?

It is possible to access the fashion themes immediately from your PC or through the use of a mobile device. If you are using a computer with Windows system, open a session with your Twitter account and press the right mouse button on the ‘Trends’ section.

Choose ‘Copy link as’ and from the desktop of your PC right click on the ‘New’ option. Select ‘Shortcut’ and press the keys ‘Ctrl + V’ in order to paste the web address. Hit the ‘Next’ button and type ‘Trends’ (without quotes) to give the shortcut a name.

On the other hand, if you prefer to do the procedure on a smartphone, open the Twitter App and click on the tool’s search engine. This step will immediately take you to the trends. Every time you access the application, a summary of the latest trending tweets that were published when you were not connected to the network.

How to configure the location of the trends that I want to see on Twitter?

It is possible to apply certain changes in order to view trends by geographic area of your choice, either with a PC or cell phone. On a computer, go to the ‘Trending’ tab, click ‘Change’ and select the location of interest.

view twitter trends with one click

On an Android mobile, click on your profile icon and on ‘Settings and security’. Choose ‘Privacy and security’ and press ‘What you see’ under ‘Your activity on Twitter’. Find ‘Browse locations and change location’. Look for the search bar in the chronology home, type the location you want or select one from the list.

Procedure to set a city to see its trends on Twitter

Define a specific location in order to know what is happening around you in real time. In this regard, open the Trends tab from the website or the Mobile App. Next, hit the gear icon located on the right side of the interface. Flip the switch that activates the option show content related to your city.

What to do to see global Twitter trends?

After learning to use the social network, you will notice that it is not possible to discover trending topics on Twitter globally, but rather by country. To do this, hit the settings icon and choose ‘Browse locations’. Specify the nation for which you want to see the latest trends so you can see them quickly and easily.