Vivaldi Browser launches a free built-in email client that integrates its Calendar and Feed Reader

Vivaldi has released its own free built-in email client, Mail 1.0, with integrated Vivaldi Calendar and Feed Reader. Mail 1.0 also gives users the option to add multiple email accounts, including Google and existing calendar services. As a result, users should be able to organize their emails and manage schedules, to-do lists, feeds, and more without leaving their browser. The new email client is similar to Gmail and Microsoft Outlook, with messages that are searchable and organized in multiple folders or views. However, Vivaldi also offers some slightly more unique ways to customize and manage emails, calendars, and fonts.

There are toggle buttons that you can turn on and off and a search bar at the top of each view. Image: Vivaldi Each view, for example, comes with a search bar and toggle buttons that can display mailing lists, feeds, trash, and more. These are on by default, but you can turn them off. So, for example, you can disable “Show Read” when you need to check all unread emails in a specific folder. Meanwhile, your email, calendars, feeds, and more are available as a sidebar that you can quickly refer to while browsing the web without leaving your page. Users can also adjust the mail view layout in a number of ways, including being able to change the three-pane vertical layout to a horizontal split view.

You can quickly add an event to your calendar without leaving the page. Just like Google Calendar, you can also use Vivaldi Calendar locally or online. However, you can also create or edit events with online event editing. You can also add events while browsing the web without leaving the browser using a quick command. There are also some features that privacy enthusiasts might like, such as the ability to watch YouTube videos online in Vivaldi’s Feed Reader, which Vivaldi says could limit user tracking.

You can watch online videos in Vivaldi’s Feed Reader instead of clicking on a link. Image: Vivaldi The new client is available on Mac, Windows and Linux computers as part of the latest version of the Vivaldi browser. Existing Vivaldi users can start using the new feature by going to “Settings” and then clicking “General.” After that, tap “Productivity Features” and then select “Enable mail, calendar and fonts”. Meanwhile, new users just need to download the browser and select the “Fully Loaded” layout to enable mail.