WhatsApp How to activate the dark mode in WhatsApp Web? WhatsApp has been in the first place among free applications…

WhatsApp How to activate the dark mode in WhatsApp Web? WhatsApp has been in the first place among free applications…

WhatsApp has been in the first place among the free messaging apps and calls through data usage. One of its most striking features is that it is secure and reliable with end-to-end encryption that demonstrates a significant advance in technology.

Right now you can download it on your phone, and also have it on your PC. Just as the dark mode is activated on mobile WhatsApp, iPhone or Android as well it’s possible in the web version. In this article we will explore the benefits of using it.

What are the advantages of using the dark mode of WhatsApp Web?

It is a fact that among the current Apps most used by all of us, they have the option, which allows this brightness adjustment to be made while it is being used.

enable dark mode on whatsapp web

Modality that brings with it a series of advantages that are of great help. The benefits are for the useful life of the device as well as for our own health. For this reason it is recommended to activate it when you are connected to WhatsApp Web on a PC.

On the computer, there has always been the standard presentation mode, which is a white background with the content on it. Then activating as many pixels as possible.

But as soon as the contrast begins to be implemented, it can be noticed that the appearance improves, the electricity consumption is lower and it helps the user to take care of your blue light vision that current monitors radiate.

Improves laptop battery performance

In whatsapp version, Web or PC there are limits in the things that can be done, which are only for mobile phones. This has changed in almost everything and dark mode is now an option.

If you are using a laptop, this topic can help you a lot in terms of battery life. It is because white is used less or light colors consume more energytherefore, the vast majority of pixels are in use.

Change it to a dark tone, which has lower energy demand than light colors, results in fewer lit pixels. It is no longer necessary to download an extension, now the latest version has the option integrated so that you can activate it whenever you want.

activating dark mode in whatsapp web

Helps rest your eyes

Blue light is a topic that has been investigated since the appearance of computers and mobile phones with LED screens radiating this light. And it is that although it is something beneficial, sometimes they are not when you expose yourself for very long periods. Well, they tire and irritate the eyes, which becomes a problem.

The dark mode in a certain way reverses this effect by placing colors that are black or shades of gray in its environment. This prevents your eyes from being irritated and of course you are less likely to suffer from vision fatigue. The decrease in ocular tension is something very useful when you use WhatsApp Web at night.

Does not interfere with the circadian cycle

The first thing is to know what this is in a nutshell is a biological clock that interacts with the rest processes of living beings. Thus it can be deduced that when it is daytime we are awake and at night we sleep, just as there are species with cycles different from ours. Being clear about this, the dark mode has a slight impact on this process, causing fatigue to decrease.

This is very helpful because the next day the cycle will be more adjusted to what it should be by nature. By not interfering with the process it becomes a configuration that benefits us. So if you are going to use WhatsApp web you can count on this.

how to activate dark mode to prevent eye fatigue

Add an elegant and personalized touch to the web

What is certain is that the color black and also the dark tones go with almost anything. Having a more distinctive and elegant touch is something that comes by default when you activate this theme.

When using it you will notice that the contrast that is presented with respect to the traditional white and light green looks very good. One way to do it is to change the color of WhatsApp Web to the default color you have in the app.

Steps to follow to activate the dark mode of WhatsApp Web

The recommendation is to use Google Chrome when enter whatsapp web, because the browser is the one that best fits and develops with the messaging service. The fluidity is much greater, taking into account that a little more system resources are consumed than normal, let’s see how to activate this mode.

  • Enter your profile and locate yourself in the three points that appear here.
  • Select ‘settings’.
  • Now click on ‘Themes’.
  • In the ‘choose theme’ popup you choose ‘dark’.
  • Finally you give it OK.