WWDC 2022: All the news added to the new iPhone operating system, iOS 16

One of the most anticipated releases in Annual Apple Developers Conference, WWDCIt was iOS 16, the latest iteration of Apple’s mobile operating system. iOS 16 has brought a number of changes and new feature sets that make the user experience healthier.

While all the key new features are revealed and explained on stage, consumers will really get to grips with them for the first time later this year. when the iPhone 14 series It opens in September or October. Users won’t be able to get the proper iOS 16 experience until later this year, when it will roll out to all eligible phones. iOS 16 will only be available for iPhone 8 and devices released after that. Users can download a beta version of iOS by becoming a member of Apple’s Developer Program or by signing up for Apple’s Beta Software Program for free and waiting a little longer to gain access.WWDC 2022 All the news added to the new iPhone operating system, iOS 16We take a look at some of the features that users will be able to see on all eligible iPhones when the update finally rolls out, and not just on iPhone 14. Privacy Although Safety Check is primarily intended to protect victims of domestic violence, it is a excellent application that helps users to control their privacy and security. Users can immediately cancel information shared with a partner, including passwords or calendars, through an emergency reset feature. Lock screen features Apple has made some significant changes to the lock screen. iOS 16 allows users to personalize the phone by choosing new styles, color filters, and the font for the date and time. iOS also features plenty of widgets on the lock screen, including the weather, activity rings, and a calendar.WWDC 2022 All the news added to the new iPhone operating system, iOS 16Users can also create several different lock screens and toggle between these options without having to start from scratch every time they want to switch. The Live Activities API also provides up-to-the-minute updates to your apps, such as live sports scores, while Focus Mode also extends to the lock screen so users aren’t distracted even when their phone is locked. MessagesMessages now allow users to cancel or delete a message they didn’t want to send. In addition to that, users can also mark messages as “unread”. The SharePlay API also allows users to easily share content such as articles, songs, and videos with each other. Live Text iOS 16’s automatic transcription will now appear below videos. Users have full flexibility with this and can pause it frame by frame. It also allows users to copy text from these transcripts into other apps to make multitasking easier. DictationWith iOS 16, when you’re dictating to an app instead of typing text, the keyboard will appear so you can switch input types, and punctuation will be automatically added and even emojis of your voice will be detected. All of this processing is on the device and uses the Neural Engine for added security. Enhanced Visual LookupVisual Lookup allows users to identify and search for objects using the camera app. With iOS 16, users can now isolate objects within the image and also allow them to copy and paste them to different apps like Messages or WhatsApp. SportsiOS 16 allows users to keep track of the live results of their favorite sports, right from the lock screen of their iPhone. This comes to users thanks to an all-new integration with Apple News that introduces a new My Sports feature, making it easy to follow certain sports. FitnessThe Fitness app will now be available to all iPhone users, not just users who have an Apple Watch. Using the iPhone’s sensors, it will be able to count the number of steps a user might have taken, as well as estimate roughly how many calories a user has burned.WWDC 2022 All the news added to the new iPhone operating system, iOS 16Apple Families already allows users to share apps and subscriptions with multiple family members or create accounts with certain parental controls. With the iOS 16 Quick Start, it’s easier than ever to implement preset controls you’ve already agreed to on your new device, whether it’s an iPad or iPhone. iCloud Photo Library SharingiOS 16 also allows users to share photos in a group, whether they are friends or family members of a user. Although everyone has access, however, the original uploader, i.e. the person who first uploaded the photos, can set limits to ensure you only share the photos you want, such as limiting you to only sharing photos with family members or turn off the feature completely when taking a new photo. Via: FirstPost


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