10 new features of iOS 16 that Apple did not mention in its WWDC event

It was almost two hours that Apple dedicated to its WWDC event. Two hours in which he never ceased to surprise us with new features in his operating systems. Amazing news for iPhone, iPad, Mac, and even a new MacBook Air. We were also able to learn more about the next generation of CarPlay.

Despite the fact that Apple spent a lot of time talking about all the news of iOS 16, the operating system for iPhone, it is also true that it did not have time to talk about all the news.

However, here is the Macworld team to tell you everything that Apple did not have time to tell you at its event: these are the new features of iOS 16 that Apple did not mention at its WWDC event.

Compatibility with Switch controllers (and others)

iOS 16 officially includes support for several new bluetooth game controllers, including Joy-Con and Nintendo Switch Pro Controllers, giving you even more options when you play. This support also extends to tvOS and iPadOS.

Locked folders in Photos

As an added privacy measure, the ‘Hidden’ and ‘Recently Deleted’ folders in Photos are now locked by default so no one can find them, even “accidentally”. They are accessed using the iPhone’s login credentials (Face ID, Touch ID, or passcode).

Duplicate detection in Photos

In the Photos app’s Albums view, you’ll find a new Duplicates option under Utilities. This option automatically finds identical images and allows you to merge them, combining captions, keywords and favorites into the highest quality duplicate image. So now you can keep your photo library a little cleaner.

iOS 16

Notification layouts on the lock screen

When Apple showed off its new lock screen, it only showed notifications that came in a stack, but that’s not the only option. You can set the view as a list if you want to see them all covering your fancy lock screen like before, or a single banner with a counter if you want to keep everything super tidy.

web notifications push they will arrive in 2023

During the keynote, Apple noted that Safari on macOS Ventura will support web push notifications. That’s also coming to iOS and iPadOS, but not right away – Apple lists the feature as “coming in 2023” for its mobile operating systems – which is probably a good thing to be honest.

More offline Siri features

Speaking of Siri, if you have an iPhone 12 or later it will do even more offline functions than before. Most home control, intercom, and voicemail features will work without sending anything to Apple. Obviously, you need a network connection to communicate with the HomeKit hub, for example, but all the processing stays on the iPhone and nothing goes beyond the local network.

Plus, you can finally hang up a phone or FaceTime call with Siri. It’s a little weird that it took so long. Sure, the other person will hear you say it, but so what?


Better blur on iPhone 13

If you have an iPhone 13 or iPhone 13 Pro, you’ll get better bokeh in a couple of notable ways. In Portrait photos, objects in the foreground – in front of the subject – will have a blur effect.

And in cinematic mode videos, the depth-of-field effect is more precise around things like hair and glasses. And we are still surprised by the on-demand cutouts he makes with the photos on the lock screen.

Haptic keyboard support

The built-in keyboard in iOS 16 will now have a haptic feedback option when typing, so it will feel a bit more natural when you touch the glass. Though, sadly, it doesn’t look like it’s coming to the iPad just yet.

iCloud+ improvements

The Hide My Email and Custom Email Domain features of iCloud+ get a little more useful in iOS 16. Hide My Email is built right into QuickType keyboard suggestions, so it should always be available in third-party apps.

And your custom domain can be shared with people outside of your Family Sharing group. From iCloud Mail settings you can buy a new domain or enable catch aliases directly from iCloud Mail settings.

Memoji Improvements

What can we say, we like Memoji. And they’re getting a number of significant improvements in iOS 16 (and iPadOS 16 and macOS 13). There are more sticker poses, and all sticker poses can be used for your contact picture. There are 17 new and updated hairstyles, plus headpieces, more noses, and more neutral lip colors. It should be easier than ever to match your Memoji to your look and style.