12 Useful Things Siri Can Do That You Didn’t Know

12 Useful Things Siri Can Do That You Didn’t Know

Everyone knows that Siri can set a timer or alarm, add a reminder, start a phone call, send a text, or do simple math. But Siri can do so much more!

Apple continues to improve Siri year after year, so if you’re in the habit of only using it for a few specific things based on your experiences a couple of years ago, you may be missing out on the full potential of what Siri can do today.

Give these features a try and you might be surprised. Surely you will begin to use Apple’s voice assistant more frequently. Take a look at the funniest questions you can ask Siri.

be more concrete

Many of the basic things that Siri is often used for today can be changed when you make a more specific request. For example, you can make a call to speakerphone by saying, “Call [nombre] on speaker.”

You can also shuffle a playlist by saying “Shuffle”. Or ask for specific addresses to go to via public transport. You’d be surprised how many common tasks you can perform.

ask for a password

Your iPhone does a great job of autofilling logins and passwords that are stored on the device, but what can I do when I need that password on another device?

You can ask Siri for a password (eg “What’s my Reddit password?”) and your iPhone authenticates with Face ID or Touch ID, and it will open ‘Settings > Passwords’ directly to the entry on this site.

This is especially useful if you have a note stored in the password for things like security questions or additional information.

Calculate tips

Sure, Siri can answer simple (and even quite complicated) math questions, but it’s especially useful for calculating tips. Say something like “How much is 18 percent of $67?” and you will get a nice card breaking down the result.

You can continue with “Split the bill into three parts” or similar, and you’ll get the amount each person owes (along with a pretty useless answer about how much to tip per person).

Change device settings

Many iPhone users don’t realize that Siri can control device settings. This can be much easier than searching within Settings or even the Control center.

You can tell Siri to turn Wi-Fi or Bluetooth on or off, turn airplane mode on or off, turn on the flashlight, adjust the brightness, adjust the volume, enable or disable night mode, or enable dark mode.

For functions like managing brightness or volume, you can give absolute instructions such as “Change the volume to 70 percent”, or proportional ones such as “Decrease the volume”.

Snooze or turn off an alarm

We all know that it is possible to use Siri to set an alarm, but not many think of using it to end or stop one. You can tell Siri to snooze the alarm or end it, which can be easier than fumbling around without your glasses and trying to tap the appropriate option.

flip a coin

For those times when you need to make a decision and be unbiased, Siri is also quite useful. Try saying something like β€œHey Siri, flip a coin” to Siri to which she will respond with heads or tails.

Locate a lost phone

Have you ever found an iPhone and not sure what to do with it? She starts by asking Siri whose phone it is. If they have a “Me” contact (most people do), Siri will tell you their name and might even show a contact card.

If the phone is locked or Siri is disabled with the screen locked, you may not be able to do much more, but it is always possible to check the contact information that the user has entered on their phone or wait for it to get in touch. Contact.

choose a nickname for you

Speaking of names, you don’t have to settle for Siri using your real one. You can simply say, “Hey Siri, call me by a nickname” and it will ask for one. It can be almost anything you want. This is added to the “Nickname” field on your contact card.

guess a song

Apple bought the Shazam music identification app in 2018, and while you can still download the app and it’s great in many ways, you no longer need it just to identify a song you’re listening to.

You can also ask Siri “what song is playing?” and she will listen for a few seconds to give you an answer. Be amazed at how accurate it is when it comes to guessing album tracks.

find a friend

Siri can find anyone who shares their location with you in the Find My app. Just say, “Hey Siri, where’s [nombre]?” and you will get a pop-up card with a location map of the person.

find a device

It also happens with devices. If you ask Siri where is my Apple Watch? Siri can help you find any of your devices and will play a sound if it’s near your location so you can find it.

This is especially useful if you have a HomePod or other Apple device in your home and you usually leave your iPhone anywhere in the house. You will not have to call yourself from another phone since it will be enough to ask Siri to locate it.

parking reminder

If you connect your iPhone to your car via CarPlay And sometimes, even if you’re just driving and your iPhone determines that you’re driving from its motion sensors, you’ll often find that it remembers where you parked.

But it’s not foolproof, and it’s useful to know that you can also activate it manually. Simply say, “Hey Siri, remember where I parked,” and Siri will note your parking location on the map.

You can find the icon in the app maps and delete it there, or tell Siri to forget where you parked. “Hey Siri, take me to my car” or similar phrases will appear as walking directions directly to your parking spot.

It is especially useful for large parking lots, such as shopping centers or car parks with several stories high.

Original article published in Macworld US.