5 curiosities about Apple that you probably do not know

Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne, the three names behind the founding of Apple, surely did not imagine that what started as just a dream would today become one of the most important companies in the sector.

Their history It is full of curiosities, incredible events and funny anecdotes that not even the most erudite in the apple company knows. In this article, we explain the 5 most curious facts about Apple that everyone should know.

The curious origin of the name of Apple

The curious origin of the name of Apple

Have you ever wondered where the name Apple came from? There are several theories in this regard, but the most widespread is the one that ensures that the origin is related to Isaac Newton and his famous anecdote about the theory of gravity with this fruit.

Another explanation suggests that Steve Jobs decided to give it that name because of his great admiration for the Beatles, who had a record company with the same name. This coincidence brought the electronic company some legal problem.

It also seems that the founders wanted to appear before Atari – a video game company where Jobs and Ronald Wayne worked – in the phone books, so they chose a name that was first in alphabetical order.

Finally, co-founder Steve Wozniak assured that the name of Apple was the idea of ​​​​a farmer from Oregon, something similar to the theory that says that it was Jobs who came up with the name on a walk through an apple orchard in that same American state.

The departure of the third co-founder in contention: Ronald Wayne

The departure of the third co-founder in contention: Ronald Wayne

Much has been discussed about the reasons that led one of the three founders of Apple, Ronald Wayne, to leave the company just 12 days after its creation. With the distance that time gives, few see it as a good decision.

When Wayne left Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak’s business venture, he sold his shares for just $800. It is considered that today his part of the company, 10%, would have a value of approximately 40 billion dollars.

In 2012, the businessman published a long text on his Facebook in which he argued his decision to leave Apple. It was not for lack of enthusiasm or confidence in the project, but rather that he was not willing to sacrifice anything to achieve it.

Another reason could have been the age difference that separated him, 40, from Jobs and Wozniak, two in their twenties. He couldn’t keep up with them and has sometimes even described their relationship as having a tiger by the tail.

The relationship between Apple and 2001: A Space Odyssey

The relationship between Apple and 2001: A Space Odyssey

There is a very interesting connection between three Apple electronic devices and the mythical science fiction movie 2001: A Space Odyssey directed by Stanley Kubrick in 1968 and starring Keir Dullea and Gary Lockwood.

In the first place, the name of the iPod seems to have its origin in the EVA Pod spaceships of the film, as journalist Vinnie Chieco pointed out in a meeting he held in his day to help the team of marketing of the company.

On the other hand, the figure of the original iPhone is very similar to the shape of the enigmatic monolithic structures present throughout the tape, which are thin and have a black surface. Does it remind you of something?

In addition, the iPad would also be inspired by the electronic tablets used by the astronauts in the film and that, curiously, in the original book on which it is based are referred to as “NewsPad”.

The reason for the famous “i” in Apple products

The reason for the famous

Apple seems to have an obsession with the letter “i”, so much so that it puts it in front of the name of practically all its products: iMac, iBook, iPod, iPhone, iPad…, and of course all the versions that have followed. But what does it mean?

We see this “fixation” of the company from the iMac G3 desktop computer, since, before its premiere in August 1998, it had never been decided to include this letter in front of the name of any of its creations.

The decision seems to be that it was made to pay a small tribute to the Internet, taking the initial of that word. There weren’t many computers back then that offered networking, and the iMac supposedly made it a lot easier than the competition.

Some people think that the “i” could also refer to words in English such as “individual”, “instruct”, “inform”, “inspire”, but the truth is that now it has become more of a strategy of marketing.

Apple’s frustrated clothing line

Apple's frustrated clothing line

Apple is a company recognized worldwide for its popular electronic products and in recent years there are really few that have not been well received by lovers of the Apple world.

A range of products that, on the contrary, did not have the expected success was the clothing line that was launched on the market in 1986. The brand was baptized with the same name as the apple company, but even so, it did not have the expected success. .

The so-called The Apple Collection had the typical style of the eighties. Their t-shirts and sweatshirts were printed with colorful letters that read ‘Apple’. Caps with the rainbow apple logo were somewhat more popular.

The company even wanted to venture into accessories such as beach towels, mugs, umbrellas, sails and watches. Yes, watches! Luckily, years later they managed to create a really worthwhile accessory: the Apple Watch.

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