8 years of a Geek in Colombia!

8 years of a Geek in Colombia!

8 years of a Geek in Colombia!

Wow, how time flies, it seems like yesterday that I wrote my first post on this wonderful blog dedicated to the world of technology and geek culture. In all this time, many things have happened, we have grown a lot, and some important brands have welcomed us.

Despite the fact that the pandemic and other events in my personal and work life have not allowed me to be as present as in previous years, I have tried to be constant with the blog, and always keep them updated with the latest technology, curiosities and reviews of interesting products and gadgets.

For the next few years, I am making a commitment to grow by expanding the amount of content we publish on the blog, as well as continue to explore the video content that we occasionally publish on YouTube.

From my heart, thank you very much for reading my publications, I hope to continue seeing you here often, to make the Geek in Colombia, a benchmark for technology and geek culture in our country and why not in Latin America.

For many more years: Manuel Echeverry

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