AirDrop How to fix AirDrop errors? – iPhone, iPad and Mac Activate and use AirDrop allows you to share files from a Mac computer to…

Activating and using AirDrop allows you to share files from a Mac computer to an iPhone Phone or vice versa. It is available for devices with iOS system. In addition, the transfer is possible by means of the Activation of Bluetooth and WiFi of the equipment. Besides, it is a much simpler way to send anything in a secure and encrypted way.

However, sometimes it has errors and this causes it to not work well at all and is very frustrating, especially if you are in the middle of a transfer. The most common mistakes that can happen is that device not found with which we want to share the file. And that is why, in this article we will be teaching you some solutions.

Reasons why an error appears in AirDrop

This service is only available in Apple devices. But this design was built in to make it easier to send an item from a Mac to a phone. In addition, when using AirDrop it will be necessary to carry out the correct activation of it.

This procedure, must follow some parameters. Despite being included in these devices, many times people do not use it. In addition, this happens because of the errors that appear when using it.

know why errors appear on a mac computer

inside a mac

On Mac computers, sometimes there are various failures when using AirDrop when sharing a file. However, the reasons why this service does not work is due to the version of the device. That is, on some Macs has already stopped running AirDrop and is not available.

However, this situation is very negative for Apple users who used it. Now, it is only available on computers that are from the year 2012 onwards and the latest devices.

When using my iPhone or iPad

Just like on Mac computers, on some iPhone and iPad devices, there are crashes when using AirDrop. But it is also due to the version they have and that is why it does not work and The option doesn’t even show up. Also, on older devices it is very difficult because the WiFi mechanism is different than today.

Therefore, to get to use this service, your iPhone and iPad must be a fairly recent model. In short, you will need to have a version higher than iOS 7, otherwise it will be impossible to execute it.

What problems commonly appear in AirDrop and how to solve them?

It should be noted, that it could only be shared files between equipment of your brand. That is, you cannot transfer an item from an iPhone to an Android phone, just like from a Mac to a Windows computer. Therefore, it is negative not to be able to use AirDrop on the device because it is a fairly fast and simple system to use.

know what problems arise with airdrop

The most common problems with this is its misconfiguration, problems with the connection, and others. However, we will show you some alternatives that you can implement to solve this situation that occurs with AirDrop.

In the event that AirDrop stops working

If at any time this system does not develop normally as it should be, then you will have to take different actions to solve these problems. One of the things that has to be done is to restart the device and then wait a few minutes to re-enter. Now, with that it will work normally, unless it is not some other error that includes ending up deleting your iCloud account.

In the event that AirDrop is left waiting

It may happen that the problem appears that you are using AirDrop and suddenly it is waiting and you cannot find the device. Therefore, you have to take into account that this service works because of the proximity of the equipment. That is, you are not going to share a file from one end of the world to the other, but rather a distance of approximately 9 meters.

This is also because the maximum bluetooth range is 9 and therefore, the devices will have to be close to be located. Therefore, in this problem it is best to be as close as possible to the device to which the transfer is going to be made.

Problem not showing up on AirDrop

It is not only the case that the other device does not appear due to the distance in which it is located, but also because it is not among the contacts. Therefore, to be able to send a file, it is necessary that the receiver and sender are added to the contact book. Otherwise, such action cannot be executed and the transfer will be completely limited.

how to fix airdrop errors

So, check if the other person is added with all the data required by the card. Furthermore, one of the requirements required to use AirDropis that you have registered the email that corresponds to the Apple ID.

When the message ‘Reception disabled’ appears

This notice usually arises more than anything when the AirDrop service is not active correctly and it is also because the WiFi is not turned on. It is important to note that this works thanks to the WiFi and Bluetooth connection, so they are two fundamental options.

So what you have to do is check if they are enabled and if it is not true, you will have to activate it. Also, it will be necessary to rectify this function in the receiving or transmitting device so that there is a better connection and there are no failures.