All the Apple products that will arrive this May

One more month, we try to guess what month awaits us in the Apple world. How could it be otherwise, we searched through the rumors for clues that could tell us what new products, softwareseries and games can arrive this May.

The truth is that not too many news are expected before the next WWDC celebration, which will take place during the second week of June. The key note The inaugural event will be on the 6th and it will arrive loaded with news and releases, at least software.

However, keep reading to find out what does premiere this May.

What Apple hardware products will arrive in May 2022?

As we said, no new Apple products are expected in May. Moreover, if there is a product that is really worth announcing, the company will prefer to wait to do it at WWDC, which usually generates a lot of expectation.

It is possible, although minimal, that those from Cupertino will decide to launch something small through a press release, as could be the case of the 35W double charger that was rumored a few weeks ago.

Thus, all the products of hardware The most interesting ones will not be announced until June during the 2022 World Developers Conference. From this WWDC, news of software (obviously) with the arrival of iOS 15, iPadOS 15, macOS 13, watchOS 9 and tvOS 16.

Apple also usually takes the opportunity to present a product and in 2022 it could be the turn of a new Mac mini more focused on the professional public, a new more colorful MacBook Air, a MacBook Pro with M2 and the AirPods Pro 2.

Apple Products May 2022

What Apple software will arrive in May 2022?

With the products of hardware practically ruled out, and taking into account that the WWDC will serve to introduce the next versions of Apple’s operating systems, what awaits us in May in terms of software?

However, we are awaiting the release of the latest versions of the operating system updates that were presented at WWDC 2021. These are already in their fourth beta version and the final version should arrive in May.

iOS 15.5

With iOS 15.5, there should be some new features in the Apple Cash card and also in the framework SportsKit. In addition, the iTunes Pass would have a new name: Apple Balance.

iPad OS 15.5

We should see the same news in iPadOS 15.5, with which the ‘Request’ and ‘Send’ functions should appear in the Apple Pay Cash section of the iPad Wallet app.

macOS 12.4

In the case of macOS 12.4, this version would be designed only to fix some bugsincluding one that affects the webcam when used on the new Studio Display.

watch OS 8.6

Again, the main new features of watchOS 8.6 focus on Apple Pay and Apple Wallet. In this sense, Apple Pay will be called Apple Cash and iTunes Pass will be called Apple Account Card.

tvOS 15.5

As always, many new features are not expected in tvOS 15.5, since the improvements will mainly come in solving small bugs.

What news arrives in Apple services in May 2022?

The novelties that we can affirm categorically are those that arrive in two of Apple’s services: Apple TV + and Apple Arcade.


the great fraud (May 6th): Apple TV+ premieres this four-episode documentary series that tells the true story of attorney Eric C. Conn, who carried out one of the most notorious frauds in history by ambushing more than 500 million dollars.

Tehran (may 13th): The award-winning actress Glenn Close is the great novelty of the second season of this thriller Israeli spy who follows a Mossad agent.

the essex snake (may 13th): Based on the novel by Sarah Perry, it follows a woman (Claire Danes) who moves to a small town in Essex to investigate a mythological snake. There she will make friends with a local pastor (Tom Hiddleston).

Now&Then (May 20th): The first Spanish production of Apple TV + arrives. Recorded in both English and Spanish, it follows a group of friends both when they were young (and one of them died) and 20 years later, haunted by that past.

prehistoric planet (may 23): Apple premieres another documentary series, this time about prehistoric dinosaurs. How could it be otherwise, it is narrated by David Attenborough in his original version.


Apple usually releases new Apple Arcade games on Fridays. Although this is not always the case, every Friday of this month of May will be marked by the arrival of a new video game:

  • Badland Party (May 6th)
  • Goat Simulator (may 13th)
  • Warped Kart Racers (May 20th)
  • Pro Darts 2022 (may 27th)