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Anyone can use their mobile to connect to the internet without restrictions. Therefore, parents should control the activities that their children do when they access these devices. In this way, it will be possible to block sites for adults and others that are usually a threat to children. This tutorial shows you how to activate Android parental control.

How can the use of Android for children and adolescents be controlled?

The use of the internet from cell phones has no limits. All users, including minors, have access to a vast amount of information. In such a circumstance, it is necessary to employ a parental control in order to manage its activities on these devices. To achieve this, it is possible to take advantage of the Google Family Link tool.

Family Link is an App used to define parental controls. In this way, a series of rules are established in remote mode in order to determine what children and adolescents can see on mobile phones and Chromebook devices. Therefore, the games, navigation and the use of certain Apps on the network.

put parental control on my android phone

The application allows parents to know the content that their children review on Android mobiles. In addition, it is possible to specify some restriction options or block adult apps. First, download Family Link on your mobile and on the devices you are going to supervise. Then link the accounts between the phones.

Children under the age of 13 can have a Google account. In this case, the parents will go through the process required to achieve it. In effect, children will access from their phones. Once the mobiles are linked, it is necessary to apply a configuration in order to manage the contents and monitor the time of use that their children dedicate.

What benefits does Family Link have?

This App offers filtering options to limit access to certain content in the Chrome browser. Also, it facilitates the control of views on the YouTube platform. The app provides options in order to consult the activity in different Apps. So, you can block or approve such tools.

it’s possible manage the programs of the cell phone with this Google utility. In this regard, parents have the power to monitor direct purchases and hide certain applications. Even time limits and bedtime can be defined through terminal blocking. Control is carried out remotely as long as necessary.

how to set parental control on android

Access the App and select your child’s account. Locate the ‘Daily limit’ card and tap ‘Change limits’ or ‘Set up’. Then follow the instructions displayed by the wizard. Open the cell phone settings of your son. Press ‘Digital Wellbeing’ or search for the ‘Google’ option.

Next, choose ‘Parental Controls’ and check the daily limit. If you want to change this parameter, log in with your account. Similarly, you can prefer to use an access code with which it is verified if you are the mother or the father of the minor. Usage restrictions are defined in hours on each device.

On the other hand, the access control to the Apps is stipulated by accessing the tool in the first place. Choose your child’s account and under ‘Installed apps’ tap ‘More’. Locate the name of the program you want to authorize or block and check the ‘Allow application’ box in order to enable or disable this function.

How is Qustodio Parental Control used?

This is free software that lets you know what your child is doing when connected to the network. The tool has a simple interface. It is used to view usage information on electronic devices. If you want to use the platform, it is essential to create an account on Qustodio, its official website. Later proceeds to install the app on the child’s cell phone.

use parental control to take care of your children

What features does Qustodio have?

The program provides utilities such as game control and setting schedules with limits. It also makes it easier to block inappropriate material for minors. Plus, parents get smart reports every day. You can inspect the location of your children and constantly monitor the social media management.

How to install Qustodio parental control app?

Open the ‘Play Store’ App and search for ‘Qustodio’. Press the ‘Install’ button and choose ‘Enable Automatic Updates’ from the menu displayed at the top right of the screen. Enter the tool, write your name, a personal email and assign a password. Accept the terms and conditions of service and click ‘Start’.

Check the inbox of the email you just wrote and confirm the message to activate the account. Now, go back to the Qustodio interface and select ‘Protect this device’. Define a name for the terminal and your child’s data. Lastly, choose an avatar in order identify the profile.