Android apps How to trim my ‘Az Screen Recorder’ screen recordings? Just like you can record the Windows screen, nowadays…

Android apps How to trim my ‘Az Screen Recorder’ screen recordings? Just like you can record the Windows screen, nowadays…

just like you can record windows screen, today there are tools that have the same function, but for mobile phones. For example, when setting up Az Screen Recorder, we have a variety of editing resources at our fingertips. One of these is learning how to trim screen recordings.

What procedure should I follow to view all my Az Screen Recorder recordings and edit them?

One of the most outstanding aspects of the application is that it contains a very complete system through which many things can be done. In turn, all the functions of the app are accessible using a very efficient menu. In fact, it is possible to see all the content recorded in the program with great ease.

Edit my Az Screen Recorder video when the video is already stored

Modifying a recording after it has already been recorded is very easy, in fact, the App presents the appropriate options for this task. If you want to make the edition, first of all, you must open the program. Default all videos made will be displayedjust click on the one you want to modify and then on the icon in the shape of a pen or pencil, to finish make the necessary adjustments.

Edit an Az Screen Recorder video when it is freshly recorded

Once you click on the stop button after making the screen recording, several options will be displayed. Among the functions present is the one of edit the videoJust click on the pencil-shaped button to start.

trim my screen recordings from az screen recorder

What editing options does Az Screen Recorder have?

In the latest versions of the software many functions were integrated to modify the videos. Actually, believe it or not, Az Screen Recorder has become one of the best screen recording apps. In fact, today the functions go far beyond a simple cut. Next, we show you essential options to modify your works.

  • Adjust/trim video: It is the most basic function of the program and allows you to select the section you want to store from your project.
  • Cut: With this option you can trim parts of the video that you don’t want them to be. It is useful if you make a mistake when filming the cell phone screen
  • Convert to GIF: Converting the content to a moving image or GIF is very useful. Essential if you want to share it through social networks or messaging apps.
  • Extract the Frames: This will allow you get screenshots of a recording, It is very useful if you need to extract several images from a video quickly.
  • Extract Audio: As its name indicates, this option allows you to obtain the sound of a video independently.

The tool has many more features than those mentioned, but the above are among the most useful. At the same time, we recommend updating the App periodically, to do this, just access the official download of Az Screen Recorder on Google Play. We make this recommendation because we regularly new functions are integrated.

cut recordings with az screen recorder

Steps to trim my videos from Az Screen Recorder

Whether you do it directly after recording the content or afterwards, the process is the same. You just have to either click on the option edit after recording or access this function after engraving (as we showed you before).

Once in the menu to make the modifications, make sure you are in the first tab ‘Settings’. If so, just select the piece of video you want to keep using the controls provided by Az Screen Recorder. When you have finished editing, click on ‘Trim video’ and wait until the process is finished.

How to save an Az Screen Recorder project?

When making a modification or edition to a video, you will be able to store it without problems. Just make all the adjustments you want to your recording and click on ‘Crop Video’ or ‘Export’. Any of the above options will store the content in the phone’s memory.

Even so, keep in mind that, both when saving a project and when recording any video, it will take up space on your mobile. This means that it is imperative that you have an adequate amount of storage to use the program.