Apple is about to make a serious mistake with the iPhone 14

The time has come, like every quarter, for The Macalope to praise the small dimensions of the small iPhone. If small phones are not your thing, feel free to skim through this article.

In TheVergeSean Hollister states: “Please don’t kill the iPhone mini” (Nick’s suggestion).


The Macalope used a first-generation iPhone SE for four years, waiting for the time when Apple would re-release a smartphone small and modern. He then had to wait another six months while using a second generation iPhone SE. Finally – finally! – Apple released the iPhone 12 mini. Live!

The praises did not last long.

Several months later, rumors said that Apple would introduce an iPhone 13 mini and then stop making minis. As Hollister points out, a recent tweet from Ming-Chi Kuo seems to confirm it: no small phones will be introduced this fall. This is what is known as the tick-toooooock strategy. And The Macalope hates her.

Hollister and some of his colleagues agree:

“…when I surveyed my peers this week, seven of us still agreed that oversized phones in the rest of the world can go to shit.”

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However, much like the characters in the comics, Apple products are only dead while they are. The Macalope thinks there’s a good chance the company will release another truly small phone (the third-gen iPhone SE is a good phone, but it’s not a truly small phone) one day.

Apple certainly knows better than The Macalope what sells. It is possible that the company considers that the market is insignificant enough to offer us something of little importance to stop the complaints when it feels like it.

iPhone 14mini

You can’t build a market on anecdotes, but to support Hollister and his colleagues at TheVergethis writer regularly speaks to die-hard fans of small phones.

When the first generation iPhone SE was released, a friend’s dad literally switched platforms to get a smaller phone with a modern interior, something that wasn’t available on Android.

Hollister gets a little desperate, although The Macalope feels it.

“If Apple offered a nini in 2023 instead of 2022… Or Apple could bring it back in 2024…”

Or… Or… Or!


Like Hollister, The Macalope would be pleased if the company took a “every few years” approach to launching a small phone. But there is no regularity to Apple’s approach, apart from an apparent and continuing disdain.

The irony here, of course, is that Apple became famous for being late to the big phone game.

This article of gadget detailing how Steve Jobs said “nobody’s going to buy” bigger phones is a hilarious slice of life in 2010.

Obviously, Jobs was saying that kind of thing all the time about things that Apple wasn’t marketing. “No one is going to buy expensive Macs with ports on the front!” The funny thing is the size of the phone that was considered “big” back then.

We assume you mean 4″, 4.3″ and 5″ phones…

Six years later, Apple’s 4.5-inch iPhone SE would be the smallest phone on the market from a major manufacturer. smartphones. Six years later, the 5.4″ iPhone 12 and 13 minis are.

And while Apple made substantial strides in screen real estate by reducing the size of the bezels, the iPhone 13 mini is substantially larger overall than the original SE was.

The smallest phone now is only small compared to all other phones currently on the market.

The Macalope isn’t sure how he became the biggest fan of small iPhones, but he’s going to die defending them. It seems, over and over again.

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