Apple Launches Apple Watch Series 6 Repair Program

Apple has just reported a serious bug that could be affecting some drives. Apple Watch Series 6whereby watch displays could go blank permanently.

The company has launched a free repair program for those affected, in order to provide technical support to the devices involved. In principle, these are 40mm models manufactured between the months of April and September 2021.

This is not the first time that Apple smartwatches have suffered from such a problem. A similar bug, known as the black screen of death, affected Apple Watch models from different generations, including Series 2, Series 3 and Series 5 models.

Apple Watch Series Models

On this occasion, user complaints have resonated more strongly with the Series 6, especially throughout the second half of last year. That is why Apple now admits the problem and launches the free repair program.

To the best of our knowledge, these watches Apple Watch Series 6 affected seem functional in other respects, making the usual sounds when the user full screen or interacts via the dial. However, they refuse to display anything other than a black screen.

Nothing seems to solve the problem, even the typical system restarts that sometimes allow us to get out of a jam or a bad behavior of the clock. They also allow you to unlock the paired iPhone, but refuse to display information on the screen.

How to repair your Apple Watch for free

The repair program applies only to Series 6 units with a screen size of 40mm, also manufactured between April and September 2021. Apple recommends entering the serial number of the watch in the support pages of the company.

In this way, the platform will indicate if they are entitled to receive the service for free. Users can contact an Apple Authorized Service Center for repair, or go directly to Manzanaeither in store or by mail.

Apple hasn’t announced an end date for the program, but notes that affected watches are eligible for free repair for up to two years after purchase.

Let us remember that Apple withdrew its marketing from the web and from the Apple Store to leave other models for sale, such as the Apple WatchSeries 7, the Apple Watch SE and the Apple Watch Series 3. The Watch Nike and Watch Hermés editions are also maintained.

A final note: although Apple acknowledged the bug and announced the launch of the service for a relatively small number of models, this does not affect that other models of a different generation may suffer from the same problem.

If you’re seeing the black screen of death on an earlier or later version of Apple Watch and the usual solutions don’t work, it’s worth taking your watch to one of the cool bar that the company has in its stores to see what they can do.

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