Apple Pay Later: When will it arrive in Spain and Latin America?

Apple has recently announced Apple Pay Later, an addition to its original Apple Pay payment service with which it intends to make it even easier to purchase its products in the company’s online stores and Apple Stores.

Specifically, the announcement was made during the last WWDC editionalthough it is likely that for many it will go unnoticed among the other new features of iOS, iPadOS as well as the hardware with the latest equipment MacBook Air Y macbook pro with M2 chip.

What is the Apple Pay Later service?

Although it has been baptized as Apple Pay Later, in essence, it is nothing more than an addition to the current Apple Pay service, through which it will be possible for users to defer payments in up to four installments without interest or payment surcharges. six weeks behind schedule (what the industry offers).

In this way, with Apple Pay Later it is no longer necessary to use an Apple Card to obtain immediate financing when buy a brand new productsuch as a MacBook or an iPhone.

This novelty, which will initially be available in the United States, will become effective coinciding with the arrival on the market of the final versions of the operating system iOS 16so we will have to wait for the release of the new iPhone 14 scheduled for September.

When will Apple Pay Later arrive in Spain and Latin America?

Many users wonder when the Apple Pay Later service will arrive in Spain. Well, just take a look at AppleCard to realize that at the moment we will not have access to this service, at least in the short term.

Though AppleCard was launched in the United States three years ago, there are many countries that are still waiting for its deployment and adoption, as is the case of Spain or the countries of Latin America. This method of payment has not yet gone beyond the borders of the United States.

To launch a service of this magnitude, Apple needs a strong banking partner and to tell the truth, the rest of the bank branches see Apple’s service as a strong competitor that could end the culture of card use that exists in our country.

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