Apple Stores will not repair iPhones considered lost

Apple is determined to take matters into its own hands when it comes to addressing the issue of stolen branded products. From now on, the shops AppleStore and authorized technical services will not repair iPhones that have been reported as lost or stolen.

as anticipated MacRumorsthe company would have sent an internal memorandum to the company’s employees to indicate that any device that has been reported as lost will not be repaired in official centers.

With the new policy in place, the company aims to help reduce the large number of iPhones that are stolen around the world, many of which are later brought in for repair as faulty products.

Apple intends to synchronize with the GSMA Device Registration, the database of device serial numbers that collects the status of each of them. If someone reports a theft to the police, they can flag it via the web.

Also, if an Apple technician sees a message in their internal Mobile Genius or GSX systems that the device has been reported as missing (which the device owner will have indicated), the repair will be declined.

Currently, Apple Stores and Authorized Service Providers will not repair an iPhone if it turns out that the customer cannot disable Find My iPhone, which requires authentication of the Apple ID associated with the device.

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Apple’s advanced security measures mean that when someone suspiciously tries to log into your Apple ID account – from a different location or device – it is immediately blocked as a precaution.

This measure coincides in time with the launch of the Apple program through which users will be able to repair their iPhone from home. It is a measure that is currently only available to users in the United States, but will reach other countries.