Apple Trade In: The best way to recycle and save money with Apple

Apple is one of the greenest technology companies in the world. Not in vain is the iPhone considered one of the smartphones more environmentally friendly. The latest MacBook Air is also made from 100% recycled aluminum.

One of the best ways to help Cupertino in their goal of making this a cleaner planet is through their Apple Trade In program. With it, you can recycle your Apple product while saving money on your next purchase.

In this article, we’ll explain what exactly Apple Trade In is, how it works, what products are included in the program, and how much money you can save. We will also list all the benefits of accepting it.

What is the Apple Trade In program?

Manzana It calls it its “device exchange and recycling program.” With Apple Trade In, the company allows you to trade in your iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch or any other product in its catalog and receive a discount on your next purchase in return.

When you turn in your old device, you have the guarantee that Apple will follow a strict recycling process. If the product can be repaired, then it will be refurbished and given a second life. If not, they will dispose of it responsibly.

How does the Apple Trade In program work?

The first thing you need to do to benefit from the Apple Trade In program is to go through the appraisal process, in which Apple will take into account the condition, year and configuration of your device to estimate its value.

Once you have accepted the appraisal, you will receive the packing material at home so that you can prepare the package that you must send to Apple. It is at this time that it is important that you make a backup of your data, since these will be erased.

You will receive instructions on how to prepare, pack and ship the device with the packing kit that will be sent to you from Apple when you have accepted the appraisal. You must also include the charger if it has also been appraised.

When Apple receives your device, it will check its condition and, if it matches what you described, they will send you the discount or gift card with the value of the appraisal (this usually takes between 1 or 2 weeks), which you can spend at the Apple Store.

If they do not match, Apple will notify you of another appraisal that, again, you must accept or reject. If you accept it, you will receive the gift card from the Apple store. If you reject it, however, your device will be returned to you at no additional cost.

As we said in the previous point, Apple will then take care of recycling the device, either by restoring and refurbishing your iPhone, iPad, Mac or any other product, or disposing of its components responsibly with one of its partners.

The renewal process on-line it can last, according to Apple, between two or three weeks. This means that you will not receive the discount immediately when you buy a new device, but rather a refund or a gift card will be sent to you a few weeks later.

Apple uses the Brightstar partner for this entire process and it is also through their Web page where you can check what state it is in. All you have to do is enter the serial number of your iPhone, iPad, Mac or Apple Watch.

What happens if you want to cancel the renewal process? You can do this as long as you haven’t sent the device for recycling yet. Otherwise, you will no longer be able to go back, although we recommend contacting Apple.

Although here we have explained how the process works if you decide to do it online, you should know that, like all Apple services, you can also join the Apple Trade In program in your nearest Apple Store.

What products are eligible for the Apple Trade In program?

All Apple products can be recycled at no cost through the company, but not all can be exchanged for a discount or an Apple Store gift card. That will depend on your physical condition and the model.

In the next section you will see a list of all the models that are currently eligible for the Apple Trade In program, but we emphasize that the appraisal will also depend greatly on their physical condition.

On the other hand, it is important to know that, although you can give or recycle as many Apple devices as you want (and even at the same time), only one is accepted per transaction. That is, you can only use the discount of one to buy another, and not accumulate several.

How much can you save with Apple Trade In?

To receive an Apple Store discount or gift card, you’ll need to make sure your device is on the list below (value may vary based on fitness). Of course, the rest can also be recycled for free.

Until next May 31, Apple has increased the value of the discount that the company gives with the delivery of some of its products, such as the iPhone 12 series, the iPad Pro or the iPad Air.

iPhoneiPadMacApple Watch
iPhone 12 ProMax€685iPadPro€615macbook pro€980Apple Watch SE€160
iPhone 12 Pro€600iPad€280MacBook Air€430Apple Watch Series 5€145
iPhone 12€485iPad Air€210macbook€130Apple Watch Series 4€90
iPhone 12 mini€420ipad mini€205iMacPro€1,400Apple Watch Series 3€45
iPhone SE (2nd)€205//iMac€850Apple Watch Series 2€35
iPhone 11 ProMax€455//macpro€4,530//
iPhone 11Pro€400//macmini€230//
iPhone 11€335//////
iPhone XSMax€295//////
iPhone XS€260//////
iPhone XR€230//////
iPhone X€190//////
iPhone 8Plus€165//////
iPhone 8€130//////
iPhone 7Plus€105//////
iPhone 7€80//////
iPhone 6sPlus€50////

Why use the Apple Trade In?

As you may have deduced throughout this article, there are two main reasons to opt for the Apple Trade In program: contribute to caring for the environment and save a little money on your next purchase at the Apple Store.

However, this program is not the only way to do it. If you don’t have an Apple product or don’t want to part with the one you do have, you can also get a cheaper recycled device from the Apple Refurbished Store.