Apple Watch SE 2 (2022): Everything you need to know

Apple Watch SE 2 (2022): Everything you need to know

The launch of the Apple Watch SE has been a complete success in the smartwatch market, making a powerful yet affordable version of the popular device available to the vast majority of people.

Now, once time has passed since its arrival, we look forward to the renewal and arrival of the second generation of the Apple Watch SE. Along with the Apple Watch 7 and the Watch Series 3, the company continues to maintain the original model for sale in its official stores.

In this way, we wanted to collect a whole series of leaks and rumors related to what will be the second generation of the Apple Watch SE. This is all we know so far, a few months before its possible launch.

When will the Apple Watch SE 2 be released?

Everything indicates that it will be in the month of September when Apple announces the new Watch SE (2022). In some way, it would coincide with the launch of the new iPhones 14 and 14 Pro, along with other no less important products and services.

It is evident that Apple has not officially confirmed that at some point we will see what will be the successor to the current Apple Watch SE. But this is not unusual, since the company does not usually announce the devices ahead of schedule.

Unlike the main range of iPhones, which receive yearly updates, the watch Apple Watch SE has been placed in the category of its namesake, the iPhone SE (2020)in which Apple renews the range less often.

The original Apple Watch SE made its debut in September 2020. We didn’t see any refreshes in 2021, which makes us think that the new model will most likely arrive sometime this year.

Apple Watch SE

How much will the Apple Watch SE 2 cost?

In view of the fact that Apple has kept unchanged the iPhone SE 2 (2022) pricesdespite the fact that many thought that it could lower them considerably, this makes us think that the new Apple Watch SE2 will maintain the prices of the current model:

  • Apple Watch SE (GPS version): €299
  • Apple Watch SE (GPS+Cellular version): €349

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Technical specifications and new features

There have been few leaks associated with the new smartwatch, but Apple seems to be playing its cards so we remain in the realm of speculation when it comes to what the new model might look like.

Sensor updates

The Apple Watch SE (2020) already has an impressive array of built-in sensors that track your heart rate, activity, and sleep, as well as detect falls and potentially harmful noise levels in your environment.

It is unlikely that the new version will be able to pass on the ECG and blood oxygen functions that the Apple Watch Series 7 without a significant price increase, but Apple has surprised us in the past.

One rumor that has been doing the rounds is that we could see the inclusion of a temperature sensor in the next iteration. This would be an interesting signal to be able to detect some type of infection in the body in advance or track ovulation for women who want to conceive a child.

We have already seen the function in Fitbit Sense Y Fitbit Charge 5so its introduction in the Apple Watch SE 2 (2022) would be another way to track your health through the smartwatch.

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new processor

One of the standard upgrades that Apple often employs with new models is moving to a new processor with each new generation to increase speed and performance.

The Apple Watch SE (2020) comes with the same S5 SiP as the Apple Watch Series 5, so it would make sense for the next version to move to the S6 SiP that was already built into the Apple Watch Series 6.

Improved display

When the Apple Watch SE (2020) was introduced, it offered two screen size options: 44mm and 40mm, which meant it had around 30% more surface area than the Apple Watch Series 3 which came in 38mm varieties. mm or 42mm.

This ensures a greater variety of sizes, but it also meant it lagged behind the Series 7, which sported 45mm or 41mm panels, a 20% increase over the Watch SE model.

A basic update would be for Apple to keep the same screen sizes in the new Apple Watch SE 2 (2022), something more than likely if we see how the consumable market is currently.

Another series of extras

Apple could improve other facets such as adding the always-on display feature that debuted in the Apple Watch Series 5. Everything is speculation and until its final launch we will not be out of doubt.

Check this article from time to time if you want to be aware of the leaks and rumors that may occur around the next Apple Watch SE 2. We also discuss in this article if the time has come for Apple launches a Watch SE Kids Edition for children.