Applications How to download and install Trovo Live on my Android phone, iPhone or PC? Nowadays it is very easy to Stream from Twitch or…

Nowadays it is very easy to stream from Twitch or YouTube, but there are also other alternatives that you may not know about. This is why we will show you how you can use the Trovo Live platform on PC or mobile, an alternative in order to make live broadcasts.

What characteristics must my device meet in order to download Trovo Live?

The procedure to access the platform varies depending on whether you use a cell phone or a PC. In reality, it is not the same to use a computer as a mobile, but regardless of what hardware you have, the truth is that accessing Trovo Live is very easy. Even so, we tell you what you should know depending on the components you have.

PC Description

In the case of computers, there is actually no need to download any applications. Likewise, you don’t need such a powerful computer to use Trovo Live’s services from your browser. If you are interested in this alternative, you just have to enter the platform and click on the section ‘register/login’.

Once you create an account on the Trovo website, the system will ask you to indicate those topics of interest or video games that catch your attention. After selecting them, you will be able to use the platform, find content for yourself, as well as share with other users.

guide to download and install trovo live on my android cell phone, iphone or pc

In any case, you should also be aware that if you intend to stream, then we do recommend that your equipment meets certain characteristics. In the event that you want to make your transmissions, we recommend that you have a somewhat powerful processor (Ryzen 5 or Intel i5), at least 16 GB of RAMdecent graphics, as well as a good microphone and camera.

Requirements for a mobile

The Trovo Live mobile application is very easy to use. In fact, just like the desktop version, it has great similarities to Twitch And it doesn’t require a big team. Actually, any current cell phone will be valid to use the services provided by the software.

Regardless of your mobile, you can watch live broadcasts of the content of your interest. In any case, just like with the computer, if you want to broadcast, you should consider some things.

Although you can use any mobile to broadcast live from Trovo Live, if you want to generate quality content we recommend a good cell phone. This will go a long way to improve streaming, as older phones might fall short.

Where to get the downloadable version of Trovo Live and how to install it?

If you want to access this streaming platform, you will need to get the app or directly go to the website. In the case of mobile phones, you can download Trovo from the Android or iOS store.

Steps to follow to register in Trovo Live in the correct way

Both on PC and mobile, just go to the platform site or the app. Once there, click on the option ‘Login/register’. Here, click on ‘Sign Up’ and provide the required data (email, username, password and date of birth). To finish, click on the green button below.

download and install trovo live on android, iphone or pc

An email will be sent with a confirmation code, check your e-mail tray and type the key in the browser. In the event that you cannot locate it, look in the spam section, since many times this information is detected as spam. Do this quickly, since the code only takes 5 minutes.

The final step is to select all the content that is of interest to you. Once you have completed the above, you will be able to use Trovo Live to use it as a Entertaiment center or create content.

How to log in to my Trovo Live account?

The process to connect with your user could not be easier. Whether you use the mobile or the computer, you just have to press ‘sign in’ and provide your user data. As soon as you enter the platform you can use it to watch content or stream.

Finally, Trovo is an excellent alternative to options like Twitch and other popular Even so, at present it does not have the reach of the large companies in the field. In any case, there is always the possibility of making a Facebook Live from any device, exceptional to start in the world of streaming.