Applications How to improve the image quality in my VivaCut videos? In the virtual age, all people are focused on showing…

Applications How to improve the image quality in my VivaCut videos? In the virtual age, all people are focused on showing…

In the virtual era, all people are focused on showing their day to day, the users they have added to their social networks. For this reason, many choose the option to make short videosto show in a certain way what they like to do with their free time or in their hobbies.

However, everyone want to have the highest image quality as possible in your videos. Therefore, many are looking for the best alternatives for mobile phones. For example, increasing quality with Capcut is an option that many consider. Or maybe using VivaCut, a versatile tool that we will talk about today.

That’s where the VivaCut editor comes in, because it’s a professional video program. With this software, you will be able to make recordings with images and music, all this using the most up-to-date editing tools.

How to use VivaCut to edit my mobile videos?

It should be noted that there are no numbers of telephone programs. However, VivaCut is characterized by being an editor that offers you high quality and ease of use. You can download VivaCut on its official page for both iOS and Android.

However, using this App is very simple and offers multiple very functional tools that will help create amazing projects. There you will find everything from animations, music, filters, stickers, backgrounds, adjustments, text and much more.

how to apply transitions in videos

Transitions Application

One of the most important aspects when editing a video is knowing how to choose and assign image changes. In this way, you can give an original and more creative touch to your video, making it much more attractive for viewers. This software gives you a wide variety of transition options to apply to your video.

Now, said you can assign animations pressing in the middle of two images or two scenes, there you will get the choice of transitions. Then, the different options will appear, you can choose the one that best suits the theme of your video.

VivaCut, offers you a wide variety of transition types, with which you can decorate your project in the best way. However, select the one that suits your recording and set the length of it, then click on ‘Done’.

How to put a filter on VivaCut?

The way in which a filter can be placed on the video is very easy and consists of clicking on ‘Edit’ which is on the toolbar. Then touch in the ‘Filter’ alternative and at once all that are available for download and use will be displayed. Likewise, select the one you want to add and it will begin to download. Once it is free, choose it and press ‘Done’.

Change the audio or apply a music track in VivaCut

A video without music is not the same, because the melody is what adds a more fun touch to the project. But also, it is a way to better interpret the meaning it will have. So, to add a music track, You will have to tap on the ‘Audio’ option that is in the alternative bar.

how to add different sounds and music to videos

Then, three different choices will come out that are ‘Music’, ‘Sound FX’ and ‘Extract Music’, in Sound FX only a simple tone will appear. In the case of music, there will be audios with more melodies and voices. Besides you have the option to search your phone storage. Once you choose the one you like best for the video, download it and add it to the project. Finally, set the duration time and you’re done.

How can I prevent VivaCut from reducing the quality of my videos?

Many times the applications used to create an audiovisual project tend to reduce the image quality. Like Instagram, when you upload a video to Story, you lose quality, which is frustrating. Since, we want the project to have a good image and don’t look distorted. That is why we will give you some tips to save your recordings in high production elevation.

Have a video recorded with a good camera

If you want an audiovisual project with excellent quality, then it is necessary to record it with a camera that holds a high percentage of megapixels. Since, the degree of image will be superior and it will not be distorted. So, if you want to prevent VivaCut and any other application from reducing the sharpness of the video, apply these tricks to improve Android camera.

Never use too many filters

One of the reasons why image quality is damaged in an audiovisual project is due to the excessive use of filters. This is because the special effects They provide more weight to the video. Furthermore, it causes the project being edited to be quality destroyed.

save videos in 720p quality

Export the video with 720p quality

A few years ago, the first editing applications did not have so many options to save the project in optimal quality. However, as technology and the content creation market have evolved, other options have been added. In other words, you have the possibility of exporting a video from the App in a 480P, 720P and 1080P image quality.

Therefore, when extracting the project made in VivaCut to the device storage, it will be important to choose a good quality. Recommended, 720P, because with this it is possible to download the video with greater clarity. But not only in image, but also in sound and it is something important for it to be a total success.