Applications How to put slow or fast motion using VivaCut? – Video editing Most of the users who are dedicated to the creation…

The majority of users who are dedicated to the creation of visual content, They require creativity and ingenuity. One of the high points when editing an audiovisual project is speed. The final duration time depends on this.

In the VivaCut App you have the opportunity to exercise this modification, because like the iPhone devices that have it by default to edit videos in slow motion, this program also has it included. So, you will have the possibility to configure this look to your liking. But if you don’t know how to do it with this software, calm down because here we will explain it to you in detail.

Steps to edit the speed of my videos in VivaCut

VivaCut is an application that has been on the market for some time and works very well, but it is not as recognized as another App. However, it has a wide variety of video creation tools very fun.

Among them are filters, animations, mirroring, stickers, text, color adjustment and much more. In addition, we can download VivaCut in the official Google Play or App Store stores.

It has never been so easy to use an App and that is what VivaCut promises, the truth is that if It is very easy to use from adding a video to exporting it. Therefore, when creating a project in this apparition, you will not miss much in its interface because of how functional it is.

know the steps to edit the speed of the videos

Choose a video in the app

Once you have the App available on your mobile phone, you can start editing and creating great works. Now, what you have to do is enter VivaCut and the main screen will appear there. Likewise, in the first instance we observe three sections which are ‘Templates’ ‘Edit’ and ‘Me’. In this case, to produce a new audiovisual project, you have to tap on ‘Edit’ and then click on ‘Create’.

Then the session will appear where you can choose the clip or the photos with which the video will be designed, look for the one you want and select. Afterwards, click on the ‘Continue’ option that will appear at the bottom of the screen.

Use the Speed ​​function

Speed, which in Spanish means speed, will be the fundamental tool to edit the video and thus make it faster or slower. Once you have the clip added to the application, you will proceed to touch the ‘Edit’ option that is in the lower left corner. Afterwards, other editing alternatives will appear and swipe there until you find the choice of ‘Speed’, in which you will access.

Now, a bar will appear with a controller that allows you to handle the acceleration that slides from left to right or vice versa. In addition, next to this, other options will appear that will contribute to making a better edition, but if you want to use it, it will not be mandatory. Since, it will only be enough that move the bar controller and adjust it your way.

What video speed should I select to edit my video?

It will depend on what you want to create and the type of content that will be, in case of being a video tutorial, sometimes the acceleration is increased. But, when it comes to a project where there has to be an explanation, speed is rented.

how to learn to use the speed tool

Greater than 1X if I want fast camera

All applications, including VivaCut, offer the option to modify the speed of the video greater than 1X. Which means, that after that range video acceleration will be fast and the duration time will be reduced. In the case of having the video already in the App and you want to place it in fast motion, go to edit.

After that, the other options will appear and slide until you find the ‘Speed’. Then, the bar will appear where you will have to control the speed and this time, slide to the right. From there, you can modify from 1X to more than 5X.

Less than 1X to put the slow motion

In some opportunities you can view videos which have the effect of slow motion and this gives a different perspective to the clip. In addition, it is done to emphasize a part of it and make it interesting to the person who is watching it.

Now when slow motioning, the video should be placed at less than 1X speed. However, in the VivaCut App you have to slide the controller right to left to reduce acceleration. In this way, the clip will be placed much slower.