best camera phones

best camera phones

Security is an issue that is definitely priceless; the use of phones with camera has become a growing need and demand, hence, that each time they renew new models and technological systems.

The predictive elementis an aspect that only some people take into account before any incident.

However, the shoplifting culture that are woven in each of the human spheres, alarm every day more

The residential complexesadd more every day the idea of put a phone with camera; one of the reasons has been return to regular life post-pandemic.

We invite you to discover some innovative proposals from the telephones and its best elements to take into account, when choosing it. Welcome (as).

Telephones with camera

Three innovative options in the telephone market

In the market, you can find countless options for protect your home.

But, first of all, you should take into account the size of your front door, the weather conditions to which the front area of ​​your home is subjected, and choose the degree of projection in vision what you want to achieve with this device.

Learn about three different ideas:

1.telephones CFIEX Extel Lilly

It’s just a phone 2.8 incheswith color screen.

Its operation is completely wireless, with a lens view of up to 120 degrees (adaptable to various door dimensions)

Use a system of nice melody

two. telephone cwired 4.3

This model has an extra flat screen and its design is elegant even more than the rest of the proposals.

Its operation is achieved, from an electric lock, which uses a 4.3 inch wiring.

It has a protective plate on the outside and led lights for night hours.

3. Phone Legrand easy kit

In the updated and revolutionary wave in technology, comes the Legrand Easy kit model 369420an advanced telephone with Wi-Fi operation.

Give you the opportunity to answer and open the door from the comfort of your bed or even sofa, outside your house.

This model has a measurement of 7 inches in its interior monitor and, in its exterior, it has a system metal protector and broad spectrum led light.

What to take into account when choosing a telephone?

For this one bidirectional systemit is necessary that we can start from our housing characteristics, both inside and outside, and the additional human or mechanical security system that we can have at home.

  • Style of your facade and building materials outer cover
  • Identify and open up about your state of permanence (inside or outside the home), if there is a person permanently at home
  • Whether to use hands-free or not
  • If you want me to reveal the history of the day with audio or videos according to your interest
  • You want it to be the projection on black and white or color
  • Whether to opt for night vision with led lights or not is necessary in your case