Best Software to Format Disks on Mac in 2022

Best Software to Format Disks on Mac in 2022

Today, the latest generation of operating systems, both macOS and Windows, have evolved to the point that they hardly require the use of additional tools to optimize their operation. Many will remember the much needed disk defragmentation on Windows PCs.

Today’s computers carry inside SSD flash memory units and NVMe type disks with much faster PCI Express interface to the detriment of the mechanical parts that traditional hard disks had, which translates into a lower level of maintenance.

However, it is always good to have programs like the ones we are going to analyze here, which allow us to combine different operating systems on the same computer, create virtual disk partitions to test programs, or even partition a disk or make copies between them.

Disk partitions or storage drives are a good way to keep your personal data safe and separate from your operating system. For Mac computers, you can also configure your computer to run the Windows operating system alongside macOS.

Setting them up can be a bit more involved, so it’s a good idea to use dedicated software if you want the best results. We have gathered here some of the best software on the market to manage disk partitions on Mac.

There are many operations for which you may need one of these programs that we show you below. For example, you may have purchased a new SSD or NVMe drive to speed up your computer. With the use of these tools, you can clone disks or partitions as you like.

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Before you begin, it’s important to make a complete backup of your data, as the partitioning process involves working with your hard drive and everything you have stored on it. For more information, follow our recommendations on how to back up a mac

If it turns out that your Mac isn’t running as fast as it did on day one, you’re probably wondering: should I defrag your drives or disks? We show you in this article how to defrag a mac (and when you shouldn’t do it).

Best Mac Disk Partition Software of 2022


Acronis True Image 2021 – The best choice for disk cloning

Acronis Cyber ​​Protect Home Office

  • pros
    • personal and professional version
    • Clean and clear interface
    • Cloud Copy
  • Cons
    • Pro version price
    • Very specialized in cloning disks

This tool developed by Acronis, a company highly specialized in offering professional and consumer solutions aimed at backup and backup copies, allows you to store all your files, in addition to protecting your systems from possible intrusions and virus infections.

Actually, the version marketed here with the possibility of accessing updates for one year, guarantees the creation of complete disk images, active disk cloning, backup copies of Office 365 accounts from cloud to cloud, as well as non-stop copies and automatic replication of local copies.

The reports offered by Acronis True image will also let you know everything about your backups, checking their status by handling notifications push sent to your email inbox.

The interface also allows you to see the size of the copies, the speed with which they are generated and everything in a very visual way with colors on the occupied space.

Acronis supports both Windows and Mac, iOS and Android, as well as virtual machines that you may have deployed. It also integrates with various versions of programs and antivirus software on the market, in order to guarantee the disk image with the licenses of each one. An option to take into account.


Hard Disk Manager 17 – A classic in the Apple world

Hard Disk Manager for Mac

  • pros
    • Simple to handle
    • Accuracy with APFS formats
    • Recover deleted partitions
  • Cons
    • Limited backup features
    • simple tools

This great application developed by Paragon has a wide range of tools available to clean, manage and backup a hard drive. With Hard Disk Manager you can access the backups above as if it were a normal storage device.

This means that if you need to find a file that has already been deleted, you will not have to restore the entire backup to do so, but rather you will be able to locate the desired file and quickly recover it from a backup.

The backup tool supports several additional features. To use them, you need to enable advanced settings, where you can change the compression level, backup file size limit, and password protection.

Thinking about solutions for companies and large corporations, Paragon It has a Business mode with which it is possible to carry out the maintenance of different equipment and platforms, including system migrations and ISO management.


Stellar Partition Manager – Very successful among the user community

Stellar Partition Manager

  • pros
    • Merge free space
    • It contemplates the management of external units
  • Cons
    • Standard version without ISO creation

Stellar Partition Manager is another popular application among macOS users for allowing you to create partitions not only on your local hard drive, but also on external drives, which is really useful if you want to change drives or migrate your system.

The software allows the creation of new disk volumes by merging blocks of free space that are scattered on a drive, something that Disk Utility does not solve as efficiently.

As you might expect, there are also the standard features of being able to create and resize partitions, format drives, resize Boot Camp partitions, and create a Mac USB boot disk tool.

The only but that we put to this great tool is that there are great advantages if you opt for the Professional version, which has a higher cost. In fact, with the standard one you won’t even be able to create a disk image of your computer.


Disk Utility – The free option to tackle basic tasks


  • pros
    • Included with macOS
    • Allows you to resize partitions
  • Cons
    • No ability to clone drives or disks

While there are plenty of reasons why you should invest in a professional software package with advanced features, the truth is that your Mac already comes with Disk Utility built into the operating system.

It is a useful application that will allow you to create new partitions, modify partition sizes, reformat a drive or even convert it to a different disk format depending on the different operating systems.

With Apple File System (APFS), the file system introduced in macOS 10.13, you can easily add and remove volumes on SSD drives. APFS-formatted volumes are automatically expanded and collapsed.

With disk-utility You no longer have to repartition an SSD.

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