Best Trackers: Alternatives to the Apple AirTag

Chipolo has been marketing the ONE range for some time and it has proven to be a popular and reliable way to keep track of your most valuable items, even before Apple introduced its AirTags.

Now, the company has added a new version in the form of ONE Spot, which is important as it supports Apple’s newly enhanced ‘Find’ network. This means that you will be able to use the ‘Search’ app on your iPhone to see where it is.

Like the AirTags, the ONE Spot has a replaceable battery, using the standard CR2032 variant. It also comes with an IPX5 water rating, which is splash proof but don’t put it on your pet if he likes to splash around in water.

The Chipolo ONE it’s available in a wide range of colors, instead of the AirTag’s lone silver with a white border, and measures 37.9mm across its circumference, with a depth of 6.4mm. It has a hole to be able to attach it to a keychain without an additional accessory.

With the dedicated app, you’ll receive alerts if you’re more than 60 meters away from the ONE Spot, plus the added bonus of asking Siri to call the ONE Spot, which then triggers a chime that sounds on the device.

Under these circumstances, you should be able to track down those elusive keys with no problem, as well as track your pet when it wanders away from you at night in the middle of a field or park.

Once out of Bluetooth range, Chipolo falls back on its community search feature, where it marks the item as lost and then receives alerts if any other Chipolo users come near the item.

Of course, now that the Chipolo is on the ‘Find’ network, it will also include any iPhones or other devices that can communicate over the network. The standard ONE is already available, while the ONE Spot will have to wait a little longer.