Best VPNs for Mac in 2022

Best VPNs for Mac in 2022

Is there the perfect VPN for Mac? As with anything in life, nothing is perfect, however, in this case, we can find VPNs that are better suited to the requirements of a Mac.

On the other hand, if you use VPN for security and privacy, you may think that a Mac, being considered a more secure computer, does not need VPN. However, VPNs come in handy for Mac, Windows, and Android users alike, as they affect the connection between your Mac and the Internet, not the computer itself.

A VPN has three main uses, but one of the main reasons for many people is to watch shows that are blocked from them due to their physical location. This means you can watch Telecinco’s Mitele while outside of Spain or access US Netflix from Latin America.

Our current favorite service is NordVPN, which is an all-rounder at a good price. But below you will find the top ten best VPN services for Mac.

Best VPN for Mac

Most of them cost less than €4/€6 per month, and some less than €2/€2. There are free VPNs, but be aware that some heavily restrict the servers (and thus the countries) you can connect to and the amount of data you can download through those servers.

It is also important to read the terms and conditions before using a free VPN, as in some cases they sell your data to third parties to offset the cost of using it without paying.

The problem is greater on iPhones and Androids, where unscrupulous companies try to cash in on the VPN “gold rush” by offering poorly crafted apps. Follow our recommendations and you will be safe from them.

VPN apps are very easy to install and use, but for a step-by-step guide, read how to set up a VPN on a Mac.

All of these VPNs also work on your iPhone and iPad, but you may want to check out our separate guides on the best VPNs for iPhone and the best VPNs for iPad.

Surfshark for Mac

Surfshark is the VPN relatively newer, and makes for a novice-friendly VPN service thanks to its easy-to-understand interface. It will work seamlessly with Netflix and other streaming movie and series services. streaming.

It offers 800 servers located in 50 different countries, as well as unlimited simultaneous connections. You can install and use it on various devices including your Mac, Windows computer, Android or iPhone, as well as web browsers.

It claims to offer great security and privacy as its servers are located in the British Virgin Islands, i.e. outside of the ’14 eyes’.

Surfshark offers very competitive prices, starting at €1.77 per month (if you pay for 24 months at once), €4.99 (if you pay for 12 months in one payment), or €9.89 if you only want to subscribe for a month.

More information: Review Surfshark for Mac

NordVPN for Mac

NordVPN It is one of the easiest VPNs to use as it has a simple design accompanied by a search service that makes everything even easier than you thought.

Being located in Panama, it becomes an ideal service to take care of your privacy.

Also includes a kill switch that will stop your Internet connection in case the VPN stops working, in this way your privacy is assured at all times.

NordVPN allows you to connect to the US version of Netflix and also has more than 1,095 servers in 61 different countries, which will definitely help you find the server that best suits your needs.

The service is accompanied by a new ad blocker and a protector malware which will also be very useful to you.

Not the cheapest VPN of all the options, but its interface premium, its large number of servers and wide variety of features make that little extra price worth it.

You can subscribe to NordVPN by clicking this link.

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Simple but very fast. Though ExpressVPN it is one of the most expensive VPNs on this list, its ease of use and wide variety of tools make its price worth it.

The speed and efficiency with which its technical team solves the problems of its users gives this VPN all the confidence necessary for you to decide to purchase it.

You will also be able to access the content of the North American version of Netflix, and in the event that you have any type of problem, you can be sure that the technical team will give you a quick solution as soon as you contact them.

ExpressVPN it does not store any type of record, and its headquarters in an area as neutral as the British Virgin Islands (territory located outside the group of 14 Eyes that we will talk about below) makes the privacy offered by this VPN even more exclusive .

You can get ExpressVPN for your router and also has a kill switch called Network Lock that will continue to keep you protected in case your VPN connection fails.

This service also offers extensions available for your Chrome or Firefox browsers.

Find more information about ExpressVPN on its official website.

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VyprVPN gives you a VPN connection for multiple devices simultaneously. That is why it becomes an ideal offer for families.

It allows you to watch American Netflix content and other content blocked in your country.

There are two plans available with VyprVPN depending on the number of simultaneous connections you need:

  • You can pay €3.96 per month for a year for 3 connections Simultaneous (€7.95 if you pay for a single month).
  • O well €5.42 by 5 connections simultaneous in addition to a cloud storage service (CloudVyprVPN) and a service to break VPN blocking and bypass censorship restrictions (Chameleon Protocol).

It has more than 700 servers available worldwide, in addition, its connection is fast and easy to use. Have a kill switch to ensure that your connection is always secure and applications to be able to use the VPN connection from your mobile as well.

Find out how you can subscribe to VyprVPN by clicking this link.


Located in Romania, outside the reach of the countries in the so-called 14 Eyes zone, CyberGhost it is a very easy to use VPN.

Once you have selected the type of activity you want to carry out on the main interface, the program will automatically show you a selection of different recommended options based on the option you have chosen.

Alternatively you can manually choose from over 1150 servers in over 49 countries, a number that keeps growing.

The Unblock Streaming option, for example, allows you to choose the exact server you need to select in order to watch BBC iPlayer or Netflix.

One of the drawbacks of CyberGhost it is that it is continually adding new servers, since many of the ones it offers end up being blocked, so it may not be 100% reliable.

(Although we should mention that this can happen with any other VPN in this article as well.)

CyberGhost also has a kill switch capable of providing even more secure protection.

It also has applications available for any device, including Raspberry Pi or routers (although it is worth mentioning that the applications for Mac or smartphone they do not have all the tools that the Windows version has).

You can learn more about how to sign up for CyberGhost by clicking this link.

Private Internet Access

Private Internet Accessalso known as PIA, has such a minimalist interface that it is practically non-existent.

Its connection is extremely fast, and to start using it you just need to click on the icon on the taskbar that will open the interface that allows you to change some of its settings, including the location of your connection.

You will find much more than meets the eye at first glance. To begin with, PIA provides you with extra security as it is accompanied by a killswitch, a adblocker, a malware blocker and a protection system in case there are problems with the DNS.

It also has a set of 3,250 servers in 25 different countries. It works for Netflix US, it has applications for all kinds of devices, including Linux, and it can also be purchased for a more than reasonable price.

Its disadvantage is that it is located in the United States, which may exclude it as an ideal VPN for those who seek the greatest privacy.

Find out more about Private Internet Access by clicking on this link. VPN is another VPN service that has improved considerably in recent years.

As well as offering a completely free version (which none of its rivals here do), it has also added Wireguard, which should be faster than previously available protocols.

You can now unblock Netflix, and you’ve doubled the number of devices that can connect to the service simultaneously, from five to ten.

  • 1700+ servers in 45 countries
  • Live chat 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • 10 simultaneous connections
  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • free version

You can subscribe to through this link.

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PureVPN offers you a great all-round VPN connection.

In addition to being super fast and having a more than reasonable price, it is located outside the reach of the 14 Eyes area. (although its location in China might make you wary if you’re looking for a completely anonymous and untraceable connection).

It has more than 750 servers in 141 countries, and its registry only files the hours in which the connection has been made.

It is easy to install, has a variety of features and also offers access to blocked websites and in streaming including Netflix US.

At PCWorld we had problems trying to install PureVPN on an older computer, a problem that not everyone will see, but the live chat that PureVPN has is fantastic and this will not cause problems for everyone.

You can get Pure VPN services from its official website.

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Ivacy is a well-established VPN service that offers apps for macOS, iOS along with other devices you may have. Its network isn’t the largest, but it still offers servers in every country you’re likely to want to pretend to be located in.

  • Singapore Headquarters
  • 1000+ servers
  • 5 simultaneous connections
  • Support for P2P / Torrenting on some servers
  • Works with all 7 Netflix regions + BBC iPlayer

Speeds are decent, and support is responsive via 24/7 live chat. And with competitive prices, it’s a solid choice.

In fact, there’s a brilliant five-year deal that costs just $0.99 (around 74p) per month, which is very good value.

You can subscribe to Ivacy through this link.

More information: Review Ivacy

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