Bizum Who can use Bizum and what benefits does being registered in the app offer? Bizum is a free online service that allows instant transactions…

Bizum is a free online service that allows you to make instant transactions using your cell phone. Today, it is available to individuals and businesses. You only need a personal phone number and that of the person you want send or request. For this reason, this guide shows you what you need to know about Bizum and the steps to register.

In which countries can I use Bizum?

It is possible to take advantage of the system from any region where you are. For this, the receiver and the sender must have a Spanish bank account. So, it is possible to execute any type of transaction through the banking App, as long as you have association with this payment method.

If you want to use the platform in another country, it is essential that you use the IBAN related to the bank account you have in Spain. It should be noted that Bizum is not very popular outside of that nation. In the rest of the countries there are other similar tools that effectively meet the same objectives.

How can I use Bizum if I have a company?

In case you are the owner of a private organization, the service offers the option to integrate with the website accessed by your customers. To achieve this, you must contact any of the banking entities attached to Bizum in order to close an agreement. Therefore, you incorporate all the benefits available from this payment method.

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How is the registration of businesses in Bizum?

In order to affiliate your company, you must notify the bank of your interest in activating this system and offering it to your buyers. The entity will indicate the necessary steps to perform service integration. This operation is carried out quickly and safely.

Bizum’s security fundamentals for operations make it a great option for organizations. In this sense, payments are generated through the European directive PSD2. In addition, the transactions are immediate. Therefore, they are completed in seconds.

It is important to mention that Bizum adapts to the needs of your company. For this reason, it presents several offers and will even show your organization on the official website to increase your online sales. In fact, you can pay promotions, discounts and prizes to customers if you request this option from your bank.

How to have a Bizum account as a self-employed person?

To obtain an account of this system as a freelancer, it is essential to have an electronic commerce. Then, talk to the bank to start the contract. In this way, you will be a new user and you will be able to accept payments through the tool.

Requirements that I must meet in Bizum

The platform requirements include having an IBAN in a Spanish banking channel affiliated with Bizum. Some conditions vary by bank. Typically, the deal includes adding the button Bizum in your payment website regardless of technology platform.

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Steps to register in Bizum

If you need to register for this service, first locate the list of financial entities in order to know if yours manages Bizum. Contact the one that corresponds to your account and so will complete the registration process. Request the button on your website and additional payment options. Also, be sure to ask about other benefits.

On the other hand, if you need the system for private use, you just have to download the BBVA, Kutxabank or whatever your bank app is and click on the ‘Make an operation’ section. Select the ‘Bizum’ icon and choose your main account. Some applications offer the ‘Activate’ option with which you can start managing this mode.

Procedure to make a money transfer or payment in Bizum for the first time

If you have not sent funds before with this tool, it is essential that you open the App from your bank from your device. Press the three stripes at the top and find the ‘Bizum-Send/receive money’ section.

Accept the conditions and verify your cell phone number associated with the financial entity. Confirm the operation and wait for a text message. Completing the mentioned steps will end the process of sending money.

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