Call of Duty How to level up ‘zombie mode’ weapons in CoD Black Ops Cold War When it comes to war games, there is no doubt that…

When it comes to war games, there is no doubt that Call of Duty is one of the best examples of the genre. Over time developers have integrated many shapes and other attributes. Among the most striking features is level up ‘Zombie mode’ weapons from Black Ops Cold War, something we will talk about next.

Why did ‘zombie mode’ weapons level up faster in Black Ops Cold War before?

If you notice that for a while you don’t raise the guns as fast, this may be updates to in-game mechanics. In some cases, companies often update the game in order to change parameters and balance the title.

Just like playing CoD Mobile on PC or mobile, Cold War has a weapon progression system. Namely through levels, the more high be it, the more difficult it will be to gain experience.

How to level up my ‘zombie mode’ weapons quickly in Black Ops Cold War?

While it’s not so easy now to level up weapons in ‘Zombie Mode’ you can still do it fairly quickly. To do this, first of all, check the current level of your weapon, as this will affect the options you can use to rank up. In other words, the process changes depending on the level of the weapon, as we will show you later.

level up zombie mode weapons in cod black ops cold war

If the weapon has a level less than 40

In case of have a weapon of level less than 40, you can play long games where you don’t waste time killing low XP zombies. Although it is more difficult to kill zombies in long games, with them you will save time between rounds and it will be better in the long run to level.

It is advisable improve ‘weapon class’ aptitude that you want to upload For example, if you use the MG-82, it would be best to increase the abilities of the light machine guns. Another very good option is to raise field enhancement abilities, in which case ‘Ring of Fire’ is a good ability to use.

For weapon levels between 40 and 50

In case of have weapons between level 40-50 It’s better to play short games, rushing the early rounds quickly will give you more XP. With high level weapons, the first rounds will be easy, but in the extended rounds, it will be more difficult to kill all the zombies and get XP.

In any case, you should know that the XP received will be the same regardless of the round. In turn, while more zombies appear, you will receive less experience. Understanding this, consider that you can also make use of abilities, in this case ‘Lethal Daiquiri’ is one of the best perks you can use.

On the other hand, upgrading your weapon on the powerup as soon as you start will help you a lot. Finally, try to get to round 21 and finish the game with the extraction.

trick to raise weapon level zombie mode in cod black ops cold war

Using double experience bonuses

Take advantage of days with double experience bonusesWithout a doubt, playing in these events will help you a lot to level up. Check social networks or game news to know the days with double experience events and take advantage of that improvement or bonus. On the above, if you play on PlayStation, keep in mind that when playing with a friend you earn an extra percentage of XP.

Venturing with friends will benefit you for the extra percentage, but only if you play on PlayStation. In any case, if you invite your friends more zombies will be generated, which will help you gain experience more quickly. In fact, you can take turns eliminating with your teammates, since the player with the most damage and eliminations in the game will gain more experience.

Long games to kill more are better

With long games you will be able to kill more zombies and you will receive more experience, both in low levels and high levels. In any case, for high levels games until round 21 are more effective. If you play higher rounds, you will gain more experience, but it will take more time.

On the other hand, if you want to extend the gaming experience to your cell phone, you can download Cold War on your mobile. This version of the game has many of the options present in Black Ops Cold War, so it will surely you can quickly adapt to its mechanics. Without a doubt, it is one of the best alternatives to Counter Strike for Android.