Chrome How to fix ‘Google Chrome has stopped’ error on my phone and PC? Even though Google Chrome is the most…

Even though Google Chrome is the most popular web browser and it has high performance, it does not make it the foolproof application. In fact, it is possible that sometimes error messages appear when you are browsing the internet. Therefore, it is important to know how to fix ‘Google Chrome has stopped’ error on your phone and PC.

What to do if Google Chrome has stopped on my cell phone?

If the message ‘Google Chrome has stopped’ has been displayed on your phone, you need to close all open tabs. This happens because sometimes the cache files get corrupted. For this reason, it is convenient to clear the cache of the application and pause the downloads. Ultimately, you can uninstall the app and reinstall it.

Close all open tabs

When the browser shows the message ‘Google Chrome has stopped’, the first thing you should do is close all open tabs. This step is essential especially if you have opened too many tabs at the same time. Often this action slows down application performance and generates errors that prevent the proper use of it.

Clear app cache

It is possible that a considerable amount of corrupt files in application cache for continued use of the browser. Therefore, conflicts can occur during the execution of Google Chrome. Open the mobile Settings and click on ‘Applications’. Find the ‘Chrome’ App and in ‘Storage’ press ‘Clear cache’.

repair the error google chrome has stopped on my cell phone and pc

Pause pending app or file downloads

Also, you can fix the error ‘Google Chrome has stopped’ when pausing pending app or file downloads. To do so, click on the three dots that appear at the top right of the screen. Select ‘Downloads’ and click on the letter X displayed next to each pending application and/or file.

Uninstall the app and reinstall it

If the above options have not allowed fix ‘Google Chrome has stopped’ error, then it is convenient to uninstall the application and reinstall it. To uninstall Google Chrome, go to settings and click on ‘Applications’. Locate the ‘Chrome’ App and click on ‘Force close’. Then press the ‘Deactivate’ option.

Similarly, you can uninstall updates. To do this, access the settings and select the option ‘Applications’ Click on ‘Chrome’ and press the three points that are shown in the upper right. Then tap on ‘Turn off updates’ Finally, select the option ‘Reinstall updates’ in the Google Play Store.

How to fix ‘Google Chrome not responding’ on my PC?

There are other alternatives that you can follow to fix ‘Google Chrome not responding’ error on your PC. In this sense, you can check if there are malicious programs. In addition, it is possible to choose restart the web browser and the computer to check if the fault has been resolved. You can even uninstall and reinstall Chrome.

remove the error google chrome has stopped on mobile and pc

Checking for malware

You can resolve the ‘Google Chrome not responding’ error on your PC by checking for malware. To achieve this, you will need to download and install an antivirus on your PC. Then update the database and start the analysis process in order to know if there is any virus or malware that affects the performance of your computer.

Restarting Chrome and my computer

You can also fix the ‘Google Chrome not responding’ error by restarting Chrome and your computer. To do this, press the three dots located at the top of the Chrome interface. In this way, you will be able to access the options of web browser settings.

Select the ‘Advanced Settings’ option and click ‘Reset Settings’. Lastly, choose ‘Restore the configuration to original defaults’. Immediately, you will see a window where you can see the list of extensions that will be disabled and the cookies that will be deleted. Lastly, restart your PC.

Uninstalling and reinstalling Chrome

Another alternative to solve the error ‘Google Chrome is not responding’ is to uninstall and reinstall chrome. Click on ‘Settings’ and choose the ‘Applications’. Find ‘Google Chrome’ and press ‘Uninstall’. Open Google Chrome website and press ‘Download Chrome’ to install the browser on your PC.